Fan account of a Jae fan where she met another Jae fan^^

(This is the story of a fan who loves Jae)

While waiting to collect my luggage yesterday at the airport, I got a call from my friend. As my handphone was inside the jacket I had earlier removed, it took me a while to take it out and answered it. Hence my ringtone which was "Choi Hyun's 사랑…사랑" rang for a long time.

After answering the phone, I heard a voice behind me asking "Can you play that song one more time?"

I turned around and saw an ahjumma and beside her, she was holding on to a young girl in sunglasses.
Because the voice that asked the question sounded young, I figured it was the girl who asked me.

Didn't realized anything was amidst at that point, I replay the song again.
After listening to it, she became excited and asked "What song is this? I've never heard before, but it's sang by Kim Jae Joong right?!"

We had a little chat while waiting for our luggage which was delayed. It was then that I realize she's blind and the Ahjumma with her is her nanny. The nanny's daughter will download songs from the Internet for her to listen and the songs included Jae's "For You" and "Rainy Blue". She was deeply attracted to Jae's voice and gradually listened to all of Jae's songs. She remembers his voice well that's why even though she had never heard "Choi Hyun's 사랑…사랑", she can recognized that the song played on my handphone belongs to Jae.
In fact, she actually came "looking" for the song after hearing it when she was waiting to collect her luggage.

I was really touched. I told her a lot of interesting things of Jae to her. I told her about Jae's movie "Jackal", about Choi Hyun's silly performances and expressions in it, about Jae's appearance on the Blue Dragon Award where he is like an angel from above, mesmerizing the audience.

When I told her how handsome and charming Jae was at the red carpet that he glows, she asked me "noona, can you describe how Jae look to me?"
After my description, she smiled and said "Just like what others told me. Jae must be a beautiful man."

She told me her greatest wish was to be able to attend a Jae solo concert.... And to see him. Even though she can't really see him, but if she can just feel his face with her hands, then not only his voice, she'll carved his looks into her heart.

I feel a lump in my throat. I don't need anyone to describe how Jae looks because I can see him for myself. I feel so fortunate but I know the Kim Jae Joong in her heart must also be a beautiful person that I'll never be able to see.

At this point, my luggage finally arrived. I took out the new limited edition mug I bought from Coffee Cojjee and placed it into her hands. I told her, this mug is from Jae's newly owned coffee outlet.
She slowly turned and feel the mug, as she touched the slightly bulge part, I told her it's Coffee Cojjee's logo. She quietly held up the mug towards her face and pressed her cheeks against the logo for a long while.

Because she had to take a bus back home, we parted after another short chat. She expressed her thanks to me and said she felt very happy.
In fact, I am too, because of her, I realized that to be able to see what I wanna see is a blessing.

Credit tagged and Baidu JJ bar

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