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3rd Dec 2012 from twtkr

The most notorious anti fan named "World Jaejoong Zzang" may be one of the 20 people who are accused by CJes recently.

Let me tell you a story of that anti fan who literally "inhabited" in DCinside just to curse Jaejoong and harass Jaejoong's fans for almost a year.

Prior to CJes' taking action, Herose admins hired a lawyer first spending their own money. Then, Herose and DC KJJ Gallery started collecting the screencaps of her evil deeds and finally, they filed a formal complaint for defamation and harassment with the police.

After she received a notice of accusation to appear for questioning at the police, she started to beg for forgiveness to Jaejoong's fans, posting an apology and excuses (lies, actually) so many times in DC KJJ Gallery and to Herose, Jaejoong (mjjeje), and his manager's Twitter accounts. While doing it, she also emailed her apology to the official email address of DC KJJ Gallery. In the apology email, she revealed that she is a fan of U-know Yunho.

According to her statement revealed by the police, she is in her early 20s and used two IDs stealing her younger sister(a minor)'s social security number for anti-ing Jaejoong. And in her apology letter to Jaejoong's fans, she had lied that she is a minor.

Well, it's no surprise! All Jaejoong's Korean fans guessed it must be Yunho or Changmin's fan, because their fans have been accused of doing such malicious things by JYJ fans so many times already since the split of DB5K. Some of them even pretended to be mentally ill for reduction in punishment.

This is the reality of their Korean fans. And their Korean fans feed info to international fans, and those int'l fans spread malicious rumors about JYJ and harass JYJ fans at Kpop-related websites, following what the Korean fans do on a daily basis. I'm not saying all of them are like this, but we have witnessed such cases
numerous times already.

1 http://j.mp/TGcQhd
2 http://j.mp/SANPH7
3 http://j.mp/SAO0lR
4 http://j.mp/UBiTaz
5 http://j.mp/VosIan
6 http://j.mp/QBdZK1

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