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30th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

Junsu's Interview about TVXQ:

(The translation has been done very carefully, to make Junsu's intention clear and accurate.)

XIA Kim Junsu mentioned his wish of standing as TVXQ infront of the fans in the future.

Kim Junsu held a press conference at a hotel in Essen on 29th, ahead of his last solo concert to end the world tour on 30th at Oberhausen, Germany.

JYJ and SM Entertainment settled the dispute over the exclusive contract by agreement on 28th. Many fans are wondering about TVXQ's future activities.

Kim Junsu said, "For the present I feel it is unfortunate that we cannot stand under the name of TVXQ infront of the fans. I became a singer and made my debut as TVXQ, so the current situation is sad and regrettable."

He continued, "We intended to fight against the unfairness of the company, not to abandon the title of TVXQ. Many situations occured in the process of accomplishing our goal."

Kim Junsu's affection for TVXQ remains unchanged. He said, "I'm sorry to the fans, but the title of TVXQ will always remain in my heart. I think everyone will remember the 5 years I had activities under the name of TVXQ. It is very unrealistic, but if I get a chance to stand as TVXQ someday, I would be happier than ever."


Original Source: SBS E! News
Translated and Shared by XIAH Press

T/N: What Junsu is saying about TVXQ is closer to 'something he wishes but probably isn't going to happen.' He is saying he would be happy 'if' it happens, but realistically it is close to impossible.
However, the memories of TVXQ will be precious to him.
The nuance is very subtle so here I add a short explanation to clear any misunderstandings.

Please do NOT omit, add or re-edit, INCLUDING the Translator's Note.

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