[Edited Trans] Kim Sohyun mentions YC in her recent interview

ONEWS: Kim Sohyun "Ideal man, Park Yuchun oppa, I'm OK if he was my boyfriend"

My ideal man will always be Park Yuchun oppa. I feel always thankful because he asks me if I'm not hungry and take good care of me on the set.

Among my friends, there are a lot of Yuchun oppa's fans. They all say they envy me. At first, when Yuchun oppa called me "Little Princess" on Twitter, I was suprised but I felt happy. Even lately, he still calls me time to time "Little Princess".

There's a scene when I turn back and, like an illusion, see Yuchun oppa and smile. But I felt ashamed when the director, knowing Yuchun oppa was there, said "The way you look at Jingu is different from the way you look at Yuchun".

Once, I got to film together with Jingu oppa and Yuchun oppa and Jingu oppa told me "Whenever you're with Yuchun hyung, your laughing starts to sound different" and "The one who is acting with you is me. You mustn't act this way, Sohyun".

Both of them are charming and take good care of me. I think Yuchun oppa is a bit more my style than Jingu oppa. I feel like Yuchun oppa is cute. There are times when I feel like he's acting younger unlike his age. I think his charms are really overflowing (T/N he possesses a lot of different charms).

Source: http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=671089

Translated by Sheena

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