JYJ's broadcasting activities? It may require some more time.

According to the agreement, attention is now on whether JYJ can now freely appear in broadcasting activities since they haven't appeared in entertainment programs during the legal dispute. JYJ's Junsu was not able to appear in Music Bank last May because KBS declared that "if we let a celebrity involved in a legal dispute appear in our show, it can have an impact on the ongoing trial."

However, with this agreement, the justification that the broadcasters had put forward has now disappeared. The 3 broadcasting stations issued a cautious stance on the matter stating that "an internal discussion" needs to happen.

JYJ doesn't have any high hopes in freely appearing in broadcasts soon. C-JES representative Baek ChangJu stated "JYJ will pursue their activities as planned. We hope that some of the unfair treatment/practices in the entertainment industry can be improved with this agreement."

Excerpt from this article: http://news.nate.com/view/20121129n03262

Note: I skipped other parts of the article because the information was already translated in previous articles.

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