#lnyhbt #tcot #Teaparty Regarding @BarackObama's lunch date with @MittRomney.

The fact that this meeting has been released to the public instead of being held in private. This is what's going to happen. Obama will meet with Romney, ask for his ideas. Romney will tell him he has to repeal Obamacare, broaden the tax base via either a flat or fair tax and abolish most of what he has done in the interior department, EPA, Dodd Frank etc. And, Obama will say NO. Then Obama will hold a press release and say "I, your anointed Lord and Savior TRIED to work with the nominee of the Republican party but was unable to do so. But, I am a fair and just god and at least I TRIED. Sadly, Mitt Romney doesn't want to move "Forward". You may kiss my ring now."


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