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22nd Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

I never do twitlongers but..........
I want to say a HUGE thank you for all the lovely comments & all the love on my London vid/pic post on the blog. You guys sure know how to cheer someone up Thank you so much for your support! You guys are the best <3

There was a moment last night where I regretted posting my vids because people were being SO horrible but after sleeping on it and stepping away from it I can understand why Kristen fans are upset that her "speech" (if that's what you want to call it, it was 2 lines or so, she didn't talk like Rob & Taylor did) was missed but I know being a fan of someone you still want to see it. TRUST ME I would be the same if the situation was reversed.

I KNOW it makes no difference what I say about what happened people will believe what they want but "I" know what happened and if it was a case of me cutting Kristen out of the vid because I'm a "jealous bitch" or because I couldn't stand to see them together then when would I post the vid at all? Or for that fact make screencaps? And also WHY would I make it a point to explain what happened. If I was being a bitch I would just cut it and say nothing.

Think about it for a second. I could have done 2 things, either just post Rob's speech and leave it at that or not post ANYTHING

I decided to post ALL of what I manged to tape because I knew Rob, Kristen & Taylor fans would enjoy it and I believe they did despite being so angry (and disbelieving) over what happened.

What happened with my camera happened and my friend who was with me thought I was overreacting being so upset about my camera stopping. Hindsight is a great thing I should have played with the camera more & learned more about it before taking it to the premiere (it was new)but as far as I was concerned I couldn't do much wrong by using it on auto (little did I know)

After the movie I thought you know there were tons of people in the cinema with phones/cameras so someone else will have got what Kristen said and I got all the rest of it the main cute bits and the quality looked good, people will love it. Ya I was wrong about that too.

I'm hoping that at some stage another video appears online and you guys can actually see for yourselves how little Kristen actually said and you'll realise that you saw all the best interaction etc while she wasn't talking. Someone other than me must have recorded it but I can now see why some people are slow to share stuff online. I didn't understand before.

Even though I don't celebrate thanksgiving I'm am going to be thankful for having the opportunity of seeing Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Bill and all the others and for the experience I had at the premiere (meeting people from the blog etc) and getting the chance to share some of it with you guys.

Hope all of you celebrating Thanksgiving have a great day :-)

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