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Okay so basically, I'm only translating :) This twit longer has been made up by @Angels_Larry , the link of the original is here

-> http://www.twitlonger.com/show/k2jqke

It is about all the signs and the proves that the boys make of Larry, and sometimes it's really technical, so yeah, keep up reading.

"TL from Fee and Camille .

Those last few days have been nightmares to Larry Shippers.

Some of them got suspended, or some has deactivated, most have lost trust in Larry and at the end we all suffered.

Those last few days have been hell to Larry Shippers. That's all. A real hell.

Most of us still trust it, assume it and are proud of what we are. True Larry Shippers.

We don't blame those who has left, even if it's hurting, we'll come through.

Because of Louis's tweets most began to doubt about Larry Stylinson, and Fee and I are here to show you and to prove you one more time that Larry is real.

Loads have seen our euphoria moment on twitter. And it was true-hearted. Not just because we had new proves of Larry, which we do not need to believe in, but only because a lot of things were just in front of our eyes since the beginning but we were just too blind to see it.

But it's done, we opened our eyes and we're gonna open yours.


First, you have to know that the boys' management do not own control on the video clips, don't wonder why, it's just because of some contract. Loads of stars are in the same situation.

In the vidéo " One Direction - Little Things - Behind The Scenes " some things have probably escaped from you.


If we watch attentively this video, we can find that letters has been hidden.



( were gonna clarify all the stuffs that said those letters mean "One Year Eleanor And The Tommo " get this stupid idea outta your mind. The first thing we can say is that the only boys to show these letter are Harry http://t.co/N1x0saem & Louis http://t.co/8MSZnd7z . So, the " One Year Eleanor And The Tommo " you forget, and other proves are following)


They're giving us letters. But not in the right order. They were not going to say 'Larry is real' or it would have been REALLY easy to guess.

Letters were not in the right order and it's our turn to figure it out. We've studied all possibilities, all the one that could make sense, and only one conclusion came.


" At The End Of The Year "

And what's happening at the end of year 2013 ?

End of the One Direction contract with Modest.

You all know that Modest is the management of the group and the contract they signed with them prevent Harry and Louis to be together publicly and officially. It is written black on white with the signature of the five boys. Harry and Louis don't have the right to be a couple, and all the boys have to keep the secret.

For all that refuse to believe that management prevent them to be together, we'd like to talk about another group. We knew it since a long while ago but we didn't talk about it, and we're now doing it.

Union J . And most particularly Jaymi .

Modest is the management assigned to all the singers and bands present on the XfactorUK.

Recently, XFactorUK decided to end working with them and so do Union J.

( article about the end of the Modest-XFactorUK contract

Where are we getting to?

Jaymi from Union J is homosexual and most knew it but they had kind of the same contract as One Direction so he had to hide it and the boys (Josh JJ & George) had to keep it secret. So do One Direction.

Modest did exactly the same to Jaymi and Harry. They made him a flirt.

And now Modest contract is over, what did we have?

Jaymi's coming-out.


http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/x_factor/4650601/Every-boyband-needs-a-gay-one-and-Im-Union-Js.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2234708/Union-J-X-Factor-finalist-Jaymi-Hensley-reveals-gay.html

Articles and Union J tweet are he proof. Jaymi could do his coming-out only when Modest got dropped.
( Union J's tweet about Jaymi's coming-out https://twitter.com/UnionJworld/status/270088305801052160 )

Strictly the same for Larry. And they'll can do their coming-out only when Modest will be out.

And when does the contract end? End of 2013 .

" At The End Of The Year " .

With all of this, you still doubt about what we said?

Okay, let's keep up with Little Things lyrics.

Song written by the fabulous Ed Sheeran.

We won't do all the verses, but Ed has put nothing random. And above all for Larry's verses.

If we already know that They Don't Know About Us was all about Larry, it is not the same for Little Things, not tho whole song talks about Larry, only Louis and Harry's verses. It was not flagrant, and we have to analyse to remark it and we did.

That's Louis' part .

You can't go to bed Without a cup of tea
And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversation are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me

Let's analyse.

" You can't go to bed Without a cup of tea "

Look at this. http://t.co/3h8BYbxY Everything's clear.

Now for

" And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep "

That part is less obvious; we had to know it, well know the boys. Harry talks in his sleep.

- Fact 47 http://www.wattpad.com/4202434-50-harry-styles-facts

- Fact 48 http://www.thefactsite.com/2012/03/50-harry-styles-facts.html

- Fact 44 http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/one-direction/articles/182647/title/harry-styles-facts

We won't give all the links but I think you got it.

He talks in his sleep.

For the last part

" And all those conversation are the secrets that I keep"

Harry can't sleep without a cup of tea, talks in his sleep.
Louis keeps all what harry said.
=> They spend their nights together.

"Though it makes no sense to me"

You just have to realize that most of them don't understand what Harry says aha, I mean, look at his tweets. Now, imagine what it can be whilst he sleeps. Doesn't make sense.

That's all for Louis's verse.

Okay so now, Harry's part.

" I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans
But you're perfect to me"

Keep on analyse.

" I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape"

Remember. When Louis got bullied online for his voice and his mum defensed him. Yeah.

We won't give you all the links of people hating on Louis's voice as well, but only the most important, the one Jay answered.

XFactorUK winner 6 years ago; Steve Brookstein.

Link: http://www.metro.co.uk/showbiz/850810-steve-brookstein-slammed-by-one-direction-fans-after-no-talent-rant

We won't stay on this part much but loads of people (dickheads) criticized Louis's voice, and then we're not surprised that Louis doesn't love his voice on tape that much.

Second part

" You never want to know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans"

Let's talk about those rumors whom said that Louis was complexed.
Louis feeling bad, hiding his stomach and stuff.


And then, the last part.

" But you're perfect to me"

Pure Larry moment aha.

Don't worry, we do know Ed wrote this at the age of 17.

For Harry's verse, we don't really know, just giving our suppositions.

On the other hand, Louis's verse has been modified by Ed. It is sure.

We all know that Ed is Harry's friend. I's like a gift Ed did to Harry. Because, we well want to believe coincidences but there is a limit.

We gave you the proof that every single sentence pronounced by Louis is devoted to Harry.
So, apart if Ed is a medium, he really modified some of the lyric.

So, we saw the Behind The Scenes who gave us letters and we talked about the lyrics, now we're gonna talk about the Video. Little Things' one.


As we said, management do not own video, and do not control the boys during the video as well.

That's what explain this FABULOUS look Harry give to Louis at 3.24, just during the 'It's you'.
That stuff, so flagrant, has been put here voluntarily.

We also noticed several little things but we're not gonna bother you with this, and we're only talking about 2 of 'em.

At 3.14 , there's some 4 cups of tea, and the last one, the 5th, is between Louis and Harry. How random. Cup of Tea.

During the last 3 seconds, Louis is the only who looks at the cameraman. And the expression of his face.. Like 'yeah buddy, this is how it is'.

We only talked about Louis's verse because Harry's wasn't that clear, but still/

Now, let's be back on the letters.

Only Louis and Harry gave them, and it was put on the instruments, and more likely everywhere.

Those letters were about the end of the Modest contract, but more particularly Larry's coming-out.

We know that Harry isn't really precise when he talks, and it came to the point that we don't even understand the sense of what he's saying, but we understood at least one thing.


(we did not put all the links)

" At The End Of The Day "

Nothing surprising?


" At The End Of The Year "

Now think about the lyrics of Little Things and more particularly Louis's verse.

The meet at night.

At The End Of The Day we are finally ourselves.
At The End Of The Year everybody will know.

Now, let's talk about the number 17 .

- Louis's number at the xFactorUK : 155204
1+5+5+2+0+4 = 17

- There are 17 songs on TMH

- the '''''''''anniversary''''''' of Louanor the 17th of November

- All Larry drama those past few months, September, October, November, happened the 17th.

- Louis's foot Tee : 17

- Behind The Scenes Little Things ( with the letters) came out the 17th

- Harry's tattoo 17 Black

- Harry's fave number : 17 .

- Ed wrote LT when he was 17 .

Lots of things around this 17 number. We do not know now what but we will find it out.

We know Modest is out at the end of 2013, maybe a 17th? We don't know right now, but trust us, we will find.

We'd like to clarify another point.

Louanor ''''anniversary''' the 17th of November .

It was not their anniversary.

Let's do simple.


So, what a cute lie, management. We've said that something would happen with all this Larry drama happening.

AND you can, by this, forget your " One Year Eleanor And The Tommo " .

To be back at At The End Of The Year who talks about the end of Modest contract, we'd like to show you this video.

http://youtu.be/wy3ZsIxZ9pw ( 8.07 min)

Harry talks and says that, after the visiting, they will re-evaluate. He smiles when he says it. And suddenly, all the boys chant it "RE EVALUATE/ RE EVALUATION" even Niall and Liam look exited, and we clearly hear Louis saying RE EVALUATION. Why do they look so exited? Do they talk about recording a new album, another tour, or re evaluate all what they've done since the beginning? The fact is that Harry smiles and Louis is completely exited, that made ma though about: Harry just said that they will be touring about 8 months. We do know the boys signed their contract about beginning of December 2010, we made researches. We're now on November 2012. Lasted almost 2 years. World tour starts officially at the end of February 2013. If we quickly skip 8 months.; it leads us at the end of October 2013. Which is few month away from beginning of December.

It would be not really enough time to make anything between October and December... Nothing really meaningful. So, perfect time to "re-evaluate". Moreover, if their contract is made next year, it would be logical that the reason why they precipitated that fast o release a second album and two tours as well is to end their contract and speeding at getting lot of money whilst they still can. [that sentence is huge aha] Management also precipitated to sell tickets for the world tour ONE YEAR beforehand and without an actual album. Who did? Management. A desperate management who's afraid to loose their best elements.Look, even big stars do not release 1 album a year, Justin Bieber: April 2010/ February 2012: 2 years. Taylor Swift: 2006/2008/2010/2012: 2 years each. Miley Cyrus: 2008/2012: 2 years as well. They took their time. Why? Because they have no time loose. "

In the video we can see how happy the boys are to quit Modest, as far as Liam high five Louis.

[... I skip a part who talks about Lanielle, it is interesting, but I do no have enough time, sorry... It globally says that their breaking up is also due to management, because 3 boys dating over 5 is too much, sight....]

I still put some audio stuff about Louis and Liam unhappy about management, because it's funny stuff aha. They're from Livestreams, when the mikes were still on.




Liam et Louis are really pissed over management.

Why would Liam be that pissed?

Because of Lanielle breaking up (that part I skipped but speeding explain).

That's why he is so happy when Harry talks about the end of the contract. They will be free over Modest and will be able to be with Danielle.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you that much about Lanielle. We're already taking risks with this TL tonight and there are other risks we can't take.

This part is here to say that management controls loads loads loads and loads of things, and this to don't say all. And the boys look forward to end this bloody contract.

But if we do this TL it's above all to support Larry Shippers and bring up smile to them, cause those times are hard. And to erase all doubt about Larry.

We proved upside that the 17th of November was not the anniversary of Louanor.

If Louanor is real, so why a lie that huge? What is the point??

The point is that all this Larry thing is getting too far. Too much people knows too much things; And management is riposting. But they don't know how to deal with it anymore and they do it very bad, creating false dates, through Louis, destroying him at the same time.

Louanor is fake since the beginning, Eleanor's dad works in relation with Modest, her Mum works in the fashion and Eleanor is nothing but a cover for Larry. As you know,we can't unfortunately say all the stuffs but we will say some. We needed a false account on an English website to access those information.

Eleanor's dad is called Murray Calder. He began his professional life in Scottish whisky industry. Not that interesting, but here goes the stuff. He joined Mediacom Edimbourg in September 2006. Murray works for Mediacom, a Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon and also SYCO linked agency, and his work is fundamentally linked to Simon Cowell. This is the proof that both agencies between 1D and Murray are linked.


Eleanor's mum, at the opposite, works for Next Model Management, a model agency.


here is the chronology: Murray is a partner of a management agency linked to the 1D management.(Viacom cos, yeah, Modest is only here for the image, Viacom is the base).

Murray knows Simon and what's better than a someone's daughter to cover a relationship between two members of a band you are just creating and who are in love? Nothing.

With all this, we prove you that it is not Harry who introduced Eleanor to Louis; That was a lie. And why would you lie if there is nothing to cover? Why would you not simply say that Eleanor's daddy knew Simon and that it is thanks to that she could meet the boys and then Louis? Why a lie that huge?

Just because people may not find Murray. Because finding Murray out was taking risks to discover where were the links between Eleanor and Modest.

Unfortunately for them, we know the exact date of Eleanor's contract. 2nd of October 2011. We can't give you those documents and we apologize, but we're giving you something else. We can confirm the date of Eleanor's contract without taking that much risks thanks to Harry.

Never forget that Harry is very smart and is we learn how to read through him we understand loads of things.

2nd of October

Let's go back to the 2nd of October 2011. After all those speculations that appeared after Louanor ''anniversary'' 's date. Give some attention to this tweet from Louis:


Harry the re-tweeted that girl


The date? 2nd of October. From what we can deduce, Eleanor began her 'career' as a cover for the Larry couple since that day. For a year now, Eleanor applies her bird role. 2nd of October is a special day for Larry Shippers.

And then, not a while ago, Harry, whom was not connected for ages, tweets this:


We always knew Harry tweets were incomprehensible. Excuse me? Harry's tweets are incomprehensible for those who don't want to push the search too far. Harry is very smart. We just need the date to understand. Exact, still this 2, but this time it is in September. Nothing surprising, he just said that a year flew away, and the pseudo relation between Eleanor and Louis went over fast and tweeting this exactly one year after the beginning of the relation would not has been that smart, so he did it a month before.

Eleanor's dad works for Viacom, Modest works for Viacom. Simon and Murray are linked.

Yeah, Eleanor is under contract with modest to cover Larry.
For the most septicemic, check on the net where the beard comes from and if you're smart enough you'll find. Oh what a miracle, even Zayn and Liam talk about it!

[I, the translator, found this so check it aha! http://my-babytarzan.tumblr.com/post/26160238808/untitled-eleanor-is-a-beard-proof ]

We're sorry for the Louanor Shippers and the Calderics but your idol is a cover and we're sweet because we could say really more things that could push Eleanor down. And it would be if at least it was her real name, but aha..

We really were nice.

AND, finally, to end this, we're gonna give you what most people ask us:E


The meaning of Harry's tattoos.

- 17 Black http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9zyqnpdqG1rnjfa7.jpg

17 Black is the name of a restaurant out from about 1hour of London:


It's possible that it'd be where Louis and Harry dated first.

- The star http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8pwp2SnnE1rnjfa7.jpg

Into the gay community, a full star means that you're ready to date, you've found out your sexuality. An empty star doesn't mean anything really gay, but a full one does.


( We'd love to show you this picture http://gossipcandy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/tatt.jpg it is Jaymi's full star. A full star aka an assumed homosexuality. )

- Won’t Stop ‘Till We Surrender


( Harry erased this one )
This sentence comes from a song's lyrics which talks about fighting for a relationship and don't want to surrender because you love the other one.

Apparently this song means a lot to Harry.

_ Hi http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8pwvjc36J1rnjfa7.jpg

We suppose that these words are the firsts Louis aid to Harry, into the XFactorUK closets.The handwriting of the tattoo is the same as Louis.


Some people wonder if one day Harry will change his 'Hi' onto a 'Him'/'His'

( The Oops Louis has a link with Harry's Hi! http://t.co/NMT9d9gT )

_ I can't change http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8q3ykPSpS1rnjfa7.png

The first thing we can think of is that he 'can't change' talking about his sexuality, or anything the management asks him, and he stays in love with Louis.


We could see that the Leeds bracelet is on this tattoo, which is here to hide this tattoo because management doesn't like it.

( Leeds is a festival where Louis and Harry went together and they slept in the same tent this night and rumors came out that people heard sexual noises from their tent. No directioner persons.)

- the hanger http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8q3gnf6yF1rnjfa7.jpg

Our first reaction is that he is in the closet like a hanger, or if you want, he can't do his coming-out.

Other supposition is that it means he is controlled like a marionette and management does what it wants with him.

A homosexual group durng the 80s had the same tatto as harry.

- The padlock http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8v86cdvVj1rnjfa7.jpg

He is locked. Thanks to management. But a key appeared since few days so maybe he is ready for someone to open his heart?

- the bird cage http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9uftcXdik1rnjfa7.png

What's in a bird cage? a bird. What does a bird mean? Freedom. He do not own freedom. And, we can see that louis has birds on his forearm, maybe Harry's?

http://gossipcandy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/bird-tatt.jpg coincidence ?

But Louis's birds are free.

- Masks

They show the role he has to play, out and in, alone and in public. He has maybe two faces.

- Things I can / Things I can't



We're gonna do simple.

" Things I Can " is on his right arm . The tattooless one.
He can do nothing.

" Things I Can't " is on his left arm . Where all his tattoos are.

All those tattoos show that he loves Louis.

Those two tattoos take the management as the target.

We resumed most of the tattoos, but analyzing all of them would be impossible and none of us do know really how may he does have.

Let's talk right now about the song Read All About It .

This is a very special Larry song, they do love this song very much, and it is always part of their playlists when they are on the radio.

Look at the lyrics.


No need explanations, lyrics talk by themselves. This song tells everything, that's all.

We've spend a whole night without sleeping to write this TL, we fought a day to not sleep in class, we argued with our parents, and we just took hours tonight again to finish it and make you read it.

You've been through a real hell those past few days, you maybe had doubts. Just because of some tweets.

We are here to show you that Larry is real.

Tweets can't make you doubt, because on their skin, in their songs, in their behavior, in their eyes, through Harry and Louis we know they are truly, madly, deeply in love.

" A moment , A Love , A dream , A laugh , A kiss , A cry , our rights , our wrongs ... A Moment . "

" And all those conversation are the secrets that I keep
You're perfect to me "

" Baby they don’t know about,
They don’t know about us. But I wanna tell 'em.
I wanna tell the world that your mine "

Won’t Stop ‘Till We Surrender.

At The End Of The Day.
At The End Of The Year everybody will know.

Don't give up, stay strong. Harry and Louis won't let us down.

No matters what management can do to hide them, no matters, "Louis"'s tweets, no matters what can happen this year, we do know the truth.

We've lived in hell those past few days, and it's not over. People will never stop calling us fake fans, hurting us, sending hate, death threats, but during all this, never ever forget...

At The End Of The Year ...

Larry Stylinson Is Real.

Fee @horny_larry & Camille @Angels_Larry "

So hi, I just translate this Larry TL. All this is just woaw, and even if this is really deep and technical, those girls just try to show us that what we trust is real. Larry is real.
Hope you enjoyed it, and sorry if some mistakes are still in, it's very late, and even if I do speak English, it is not my first language :)

Thanks for reading and thanks to @horny_larry and @Angels_Larry for all those proves!

Have a nice morning/day/afternoon/night! :D

@damnthatassluke :)x

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