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18th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

How Airbnb is turning into Craigslist:
so far ABB has been able to solve issues on time but for the last 12 hrs I've been in Montevideo, ABB has been ignoring me.
I moved into the wrong flat with wrong amenities.
I played it nicely by just asking a discount to the host.
And then, the circus began, the host started to mention another problem with Google maps (that we didn't have) trying to divert the problem to finally starting saying that I was arrogant, disrespectful....and telling me to leave in the morning.
What did ABB do ? NOTHING !
I had on the phone a "chewing gum girl" who managed to spend 20 min with the host on the phone and failed to notify us on anything...
I chatted twice with ABB and they said they would take care of my case. And nothing happened.
The problem started around 9pm yesterday and when I woke up this morning, I expected some answers from ABB.
Well, still waiting...
As I use this website a lot, I had my share of problems but ABB has always been swift and kind, well, that's now history.
They are ignoring me, so I'm asking: What's the difference with Craigslist ?
Is the chewing gum girl going to do something ?
Finally, at the very last minute, I managed to find a place. It's now 10 am and at noon we have to leave.
The policy of not taking sides is annoying.
When a host or a guest is breaching rules, he/she shoud be banned immediately and the chewing gum girl should focus on helping the other side.
Good bye Airbnb, welcome back Expedia !

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