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16th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] Kim Sohyun mentioned Park Yoochun in her interview.

R: It's the second time you and Yoochun worked together for the same drama.

KSH: Not long ago, we met at the filming site and we even took photos together. After filming 'Rooftop Prince' I received another new drama & got to know that we will be working for the same drama again. I felt very happy to meet each other again.

R: It seems like you really like Yoochun-ssi, what are his charms that attracted you?

KSH: It was a little unexpected. I thought he was a quiet person, but instead he joked a lot and I had a gentle image of him. Initially I don't really pay any attention to any artists, but after meeting Yoochun oppa for the first time, he spoke to me first 'You and I share the same birthdate, right?'. He really seemed to be a nice guy.

R: It is said that Yoochun-ssi addresses you as 'Princess-nim'? Do you remember the first time when both of you met?

KSH: That's true. But he doesn't call me that when we're actually talking in person, but only sometimes when we're texting each other (laughs). When I first met him Yoochun oppa came wearing the red tracksuit and was scratching his tummy, and I wanted to be friend with him.

R: Have you heard Yoochun-ssi's songs?

KSH: I liked 'An Empty Place For You'. I also listened to many of JYJ songs and I really liked 'In Heaven'.

Source: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?newsid=201211161437401119&ext=na
Trans: Stephanie @5StarsAs1

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