Here is my letter to @drewbrees!!! #whodatnation please help me by RT to him so he can see it!!!!!!

Dear Drew Brees,
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Karla Culbertson. I am 28 years old and from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I live a pretty normal & comfortable life. However, there is one part of my life that separates me from the rest. I am wheelchair dependent due to Cerebral Palsy and premature birth. Even though I face my own set of daily challenges, I don't let my disability bring me down. I am an aspiring inspirational writer, and I am set to have my first book self-published and released on December 11. Enough about me, though,
I am writing to celebrate you. Your athleticism, your spirit, and your impact on my life. I guess firstly, though, I should let you know that you are considered one of my heroes in life. I admire you so deeply, your compassion for the game that you play, your free spirit, and the fact that you're such an emotional leader. Much like you, I know that character in the face of adversity can really help overcome challenges. When I read "Coming Back Stronger", that was one of the most important lessons I learned from you. So, thank you for that! Let me also say that your compassion for the entire Gulf Coast region is something I treasure. Your charitable work and general wholesome spirit has helped us overcome the worst and darkest times. You embody what is saint is truly supposed to be about. You were the missing puzzle piece that New Orleans has needed for so long. You were the sort of leader and inspirational mind set that we have always wanted, but could only dream of having. You and Brittany have truly been angels for serving the town you represent. I don't think you'll ever know how much that means to the entire Gulf region. I am such a passionate Saints fan, and I had the opportunity to witness what a Saints win was like versus one of our biggest rivals the Atlanta Falcons! That game was the absolute greatest thing I've ever witnessed. I've never been in a place quite like the Super dome, where you can literally feel the positive energy radiating throughout your entire body. The win over the dirty bird was the proverbial cherry on top. Thank you to you and the team for never quitting and playing with all of your heart, which we as Saints fans are so accustomed to seeing.

I know that you all have had a rough season, but I am really proud of the improvement I've seen thus far. Keep it up, please nothing would make me happier that to see the Saints with a wild card pick into the playoffs. I know you seem to play best under pressure, which is a great and very commendable quality to possess. I know you guys can do it... No doubts in my mind. Gotta believe and keep up the faith!

Anyway, I have been wanting to write to you for years, Drew, I just couldn't find the courage in my heart, but I think seeing you play live has given me the extra push that I needed. It would be a dream come true for me to meet you someday so that I could tell you all of this in person, but if that's not possible, I at least hope that my words find their way to you. I'd love to know that you have received this letter, so if there is anyway you can let me know, I'd appreciate that, too. Thank you for being you, Drew. Thank you for providing and caring so much. You are truly someone to admire!! Take care.. tell your family hello & of course who dat!!!!

Much black & gold love,

Karla Culbertson

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