Misha Ge · @sk8prince

15th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

Sad receive another answer from ISU about France GP . i'm First Substitute on GP , and Because at France left a spot because Johnny withdraw ( Sad for Johnny ) , my federation made a request to ISU for get this spot , that even on our own expenses by our federation not ISU expenses we want to have chance to compete France GP because skater withdrew. Also we have ready done Schengen Visa for travel to France and we right now in Europe,Poland which is 2 hour flight to France . And we can very easy buy ticket find our own Hotel in France , but we hoped that they can give us chance to compete because we are first substitute on GP series. ISU said they have not enough time to do they cant add as to competition .
Second time same answer , at China was like this and now on France GP.
Just forget it... For me any competition is same, but its just sad that spot you should get people are not giving you .
If it's not mine it's fine , but if it's yours why we not get it ?
Feel's worlds skating circle get smaller and smaller , and not bigger and bigger .
Not complains , just talk .
What you think ?

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