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14th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

[UPDATE: FULL TRANS of @1215thexiahtic & @poimin73 Conversation)

MYK: @1215thexiahtic It was nice to see your face after a long time!!!!! My peer... hehehe

Junsu: (reply to above) @poimin73 Haha I don't believe it...

MYK: Peers proof shot!! What kind of peers are we? http://yfrog.com/obnzqapj

Junsu: (reply to above) @poimin73 Hehe this ironic situation...

MYK: The answer is graduate school^^ We are graduate school peers http://yfrog.com/odptdabj

MYK: (reply to Junsu) @1215thexiahtic I revealed the right answer hehe

MYK: I couldn't protect Junsu's finger... He was doing a V-sign not an offensive gesture ^^ http://yfrog.com/h7kziuuj

Junsu: (reply to MYK) @poimin73 Hyung, I thought entering graduate school as a 27 year old is considered late, but turns out it's early.. haha. Since we're the same year at school now.. can I speak comfortably with you...yeah..?
(T/N: Junsu has used polite form with MYK all this time as MYK is older & a senior. However now that they're the same 'level' at school, Junsu is asking if they can speak casually / comfortably)

MYK: (reply to above) @1215thexiahtic You want to speak comfortably? Shut that careless mouth of yours!

Junsu: (reply to above) @poimin73 hahaha

Junsu: But...if hyung, Seungwook hyung and Jeongyeol hyung sit in the front (of the class).. The professor.. might tremble...

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