Arlen Riesau · @ArlenR24

11th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

@Microsoft @MicrosoftHelps @Windows - Windows 8 has crashed my high-end gaming PC 3 times. No hardware failures. Had it professionally examined. I'm no novice, I'm a high-end user with high-end parts. This should not be happening to me. If it is a hardware issue, then I have more troubleshooting to do. If not - you guys have a fatal error. Empty desktop, can't open or run anything, can't install anything properly or fully. Only works 1 out of every 4-5 reboots. Done a system refresh and/or restore 3 times now. I've lost EVERYTHING. It's clear based on the forums I'm reading that many are having similar issues. You guys released too early, and I know you are working around the clock to fix issues. But now I'm a man without a functional computer, without Steam, without Office, without even an ability to run ANYTHING correctly.

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