Long Harry #imagine Chapter 1

The Bet.

Liam's P.O.V
Our airplane is landing soon, I can't wait to see Chelsea and my family soon, I missed everyone so much. Oh and just to make it clear, Chelsea is my younger sister, not my girlfriend. Early today, I don't know how but Harry and I made a bet that if he could get Chelsea to fall in love with him within 2 months and date him, I would buy him a new Range Rover.

Normal P.O.V
Chelsea was at home getting ready. She spent 2 hours getting ready, she wanted to look good in front of the boys. She had a tiny crush on Harry. Ruth, Liam's older sister, was also getting ready but she didn't really have to look nice in front of them because she had a boyfriend already.

When the doorbell rang, Ruth went to get it while Chelsea took a good look in the mirror before walking down to the hall. The boys were all there already. Ruth, Chelsea and the boys were chatting on the couch. Harry kept staring at Chelsea so she would notice he likes her.

Chelsea got up the couch to get a drink in the kitchen, She felt two strong large hands grip her hips. She turned around to see a very stunning, hot Harry standing in front of her. "Can I help you?" Harry didn't answer Chelsea but instead, he stepped closer to her. As if he wanted to kiss her.

Just then Ruth came in and cleared her throat. Chelsea immediately push Harry away and blushed. She quickly walk out of the kitchen.

Ruth P.O.V
What the fuck just happened? Harry was about to kiss Chelsea. He is a manwhore. He sleep with many girls, this is probably one of his trick to get Chelsea on bed. Im so gonna lecture Chelsea later. She gotta have a warning before anything bad happens.

Harry P.O.V
My god...Ruth just came in and interrupt it. I was going to get her to kiss me. Nevermind, this is only the beginning.

Normal P.O.V
After chatting a while, the boys decided to go for a late lunch. After they left, Ruth starts talking to Chelsea about Harry. She keeps telling her one day he'll break her heart one day, but Chelsea doesn't believe and keeps telling her its alright.

Chelsea dent believe Ruth. The game has just began.

For those who doesn't know where this story is really going, read the Prologue in my favourites, maybe that will give you some clue of what the story is really about. Feedbacks?:D

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