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10th Nov 2012 from twtkr

Jaejoong's Korean and Japanese fansites' event for supporting "Jackal Is Coming" ^-^

Since the distributor as well as investor of Jackal Is Coming is Lotte Entertainment, CJ CGV which has the largest number of screens in South Korea is relatively lukewarm about allowing many screens to "Jackal Is Coming" in its own branch, unlike Lotte Cinema.

Therefore, having the very first wish that many more people could know Jaejoong's talent and charm, and the second wish that "Jackal Is Coming" will be given many screens in CJ CGV, Jaejoong's Korean fansite Herose and Japanese fansite WorldclassJJ prepared the event that distributes complimentary tickets of watching "Jackal Is Coming" in CJ CGV to the college entrance examinees in Korea. (They took the exam in the week before the public release of "Jackal Is Coming".)

So, the total of 3343 tickets (2096 from Herose + 1247 from WorldClassJJ) were purchased for this event. If you calculate 3343 times 9,000 Won... the $$$ they put for this event is no joke.

As an i-fan who lives abroad and can't even dream of supporting Jaejoong's activities this effectively and practically, I give many thanks to the members of Herose and WorldclassJJ who support Jaejoong to the maximum all the time. *bows*


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