#14N #14Nov2012 - For Jobs + #Solidarity in #EU. No to Austerity - Infos

(English) http://youtu.be/8Y-H_KssDdk
(Spain) http://youtu.be/p1wIfzGMFTE
(Catalan) http://youtu.be/-TUXL6ZiG1A
(Greece) http://youtu.be/zzioMZMAVww
(Portugal) http://youtu.be/_wInxSA5KsE
(Italy) http://youtu.be/kIY5rJZ5cRk
(France) http://youtu.be/ocHfvvGU95M
(Germany) http://youtu.be/gGHFdhNiTEM

Google Maps http://www.etuc.org/r/1897 - Google map showing national actions taking place on the European Day of Action and Solidarity, 14 November. This map is not definitive. it will be updated on a regular basis. ( via https://www.facebook.com/CESETUC/posts/485750914779246 )

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Follow News on Twitter for Hashtag #14Nov2012

News: http://paper.li/Muschelschloss/1352541927#

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