Sergio Romo · @SergioRomo54

10th Nov 2012 from TweetList

Shes sooooo strong!! Def love her will power!! RT @giantslady4life: @SergioRomo54 The very latest on the Bravest @sfgiants fan Ariel, CT does NOT show any new bleeds or edema THANK GOD but Ariel's breathing is still somewhat irregular and very slow. Not certain if this is too much medication (she needed benadryl this morning) or if it might be pressure increasing on her brain stem. Going to be a nerve wracking sort of weekend and we'll be taking it hour by hour. This might normalize it might get worse (ie stop) so keep the candles going for our girl please. Really, really hoping this is just exhaustion+benadryl+chemotherapy taking a toll. The alternative is too hard too imagine. (from

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