For a few years I have been selling a CD called '20 Songs'. It's available from my website and I flog it at the end of nearly all my gigs. But what many people don't know is that the tracklist of '20 Songs' has changed several times. If you bought a copy in 2010, you'll have a completely different set of songs from someone who bought it last week.

Here's why: I used to have 4 separate short albums until my first Edinburgh Fringe show when a top 20 best-of compilation seemed like a much more sensible idea. I've kept it that way ever since, and now every time I record a new song, rather than put it towards a new album, it goes on '20 Songs', and pushes an older song out of the way.*

After a few years of doing it this way, several people have asked me what's happened to the old songs and if they're still available. I've had to tell them that they're not. That is, until today......


A collection of 22 tracks that for one reason or another have not made the current top 20. The basic idea is, if you own the latest version of '20 Songs', this CD will complete your collection and you will have nearly every song I've ever recorded!

Some of these songs have gone hilariously out of date: 'The Procrastinator' warns of the perils of a newfangled thing called MSN Messenger, 'Final Countdown' ponders what would happen if Richard Whitely were ever to die, and 'A Certain Celebrity', (with a melody I'm particularly proud of) was only topical for three short weeks when Jade Goody was merely ill. There are two songs "Isle of Wight" and "On a Pirate Ship" that use the same tune! (I didn't think anyone would ever hear BOTH songs) and there are two indulgences into the realm of non-comedy. And of course some songs have been demoted to this CD just because they're a bit shit. 

If you would like a copy of JAY FOREMAN'S OFFAL, click on this link....


...and select JAY FOREMAN'S OFFAL. Simple as that! Only £6.50 including postage, packaging and paypal percentage. 


1. Final Countdown 
2. Spirograph 
3. Buggery Club
4. Cookies 
5. Dick Van Dyke
6. Say Hi 
7. Matthew & Ben
8. Isle of Wight
9. War about Cheese 
10. Hundred Perfect Days
11. Calypso
12. Magnus is on Fire 
13. On a Pirate Ship
14. Wrong Side of Alan
15. Colon P  
16. Paid My Cleaner 
17. Angry Birds
18. A Certain Celebrity
19. Skin Sofa
20. Twingo   
21. Make Sure He's Ok
22. The Procrastinator
+ mystery bonus track

*actually, technically, there were 3 CDs, then I made "20 Songs" in 2007, and then after that I did another CD called "Pretend You're Happy" for my first non-free Edinburgh show in 2010, but then in 2011 I absorbed that album into 20 Songs again which changed it even more, but the way I explained it above is much simpler, and is still true, and I only put this bit in in case anyone tweets me and says "I bought some CDs from you ages ago that have dates on them that make your story look wrong" in which case shut up and leave me alone!

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