Angela Anne Galloway passed away on Sat 3rd of November 2012 with her family by her side, no words were needed everything spoken through eye contact.

We opened our lives and hearts to world to share Mum and the kind of person and inspiration she was as we are so proud of all she had fought and accomplished and if she could inspire just one person it was worth it... the response was simply overwhelming for our family.

The night before she passed hundreds and thousands of people were thinking and praying for her and that was unbelievable to know that so many people knew Angela Galloway.

I wish we could thank everyone individually as everyones words have touched us all. From my WWE family, my brothers and sisters and even those we don't know, but we were all connected through the thoughts and prayers for her which were simply unreal.

We say goodbye tomorrow and its going to one big celebration with Mums request of no black, we re getting colourful.

She watched and inspired me to live my dream. At Wrestlemania in Atlanta my father Andrew Snr, brother John and Mum all came over for the family trip of a lifetime. I had them stay at the W hotel and made sure my brother and I took Mum and Dad to the W nightclub (if you know the W it tends to be where the over the top American socialites spend their time), the image will always stay with me. We then travelled across 5 states stopping for Raw and Smackdown tv tapings (they also met my boss Vince McMahon backstage at Smackdown who was so warm to them, with my Dad struggling to find words to say being a little bit taken aback, she didn't say anything and just smiled at him as he was allowing me to live my dream) We then travelled over 1000 miles in a seven seater National lampoon style having adventures along the way and at our final stop in New Orleans on the final night we took a horse and carriage around the amazing city.

Tomorrow befitting of our Queen she takes her final journey in the exact same manner. There will be no moments silence either as we are celebrating a woman who put more energy and achieved more than anyone could in 5 lifetimes, when we say goodbye it will be a round of applause because she had did it, she had overcame and she had succeeded in life.

Thank you everyone
The Galloway family.

Angela Anne Galloway


She is the heart of our family

A true testament of the human spirit

An inspiration to everyone she ever came in contact with

She was a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt and she was our mother

Through memories and her legacy Angela Galloway will never be forgotten

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