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8th Nov 2012 from TweetList

[TRANS]Came back from the premiere of "Jackal Is Coming"^^ Although Jaejungie had went through a lot while filming the drama in parallel together with the movie, it is a fun and enjoyable movie!!! Please show a lot of love for Jackal Is Coming!!! All the actors and actresses had also worked hard!! Seunghyun. Jaejung. Yihan. Sehong. ^^ RT @YiHan_Jin: "자칼이온다" 시사회왔어요^^ 재중이가 드라마와같이 병행 하면서 고생많이했는데 재미있고 즐거운 영화!!! 자칼이온다 많이사랑해주세여!!! 배우분들도 고생하셨어요!!
승현. 재중. 이한. 세홍. ^^

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