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8th Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

Wanted to elaborate a bit more on CLG NA. Basically, vsing them is completely different from anyone else in NA. The amount of pressure they apply is insane. Chauster limits my aggressiveness on mid and he often knows his limits (means he can simply counterjungle or not counterjungle with ease). Likewise, he gets fast oracles and gains map control (something many NA junglers still do not do). Their bot lane is ridiculously strong and ends up winning 80% of the time unless you gank them hard or win a level 1 fight really well. Hotshot always holds his own or manages to annoy you somehow with his tp tactics. They control buffs super well and if you lose a lead and don't have a late game comp and have a solo q mentality, you will lose. Relative to korean teams, I dunno how strong they are, but I'm pretty sure that with practice, they can even topple them.

When we vsed curse, the pressure isn't there. It's so easy because the individual skill and synergy you feel in clg doesn't exist in curse. It's just a broken game where you can overrun them by pure individual skill. I consider Fear and us (clgblack) to be in a similar boat where grouping up as a team and knowing how to push advantages is unknown territory. This of course is mainly cause of solo q mentality and a lack of experience. Two things need to happen to fix this: 1. Get better and play more and 2. Watch replays and learn from the mistakes. You don't even need like dedication. It's just a pure different way of thinking that you need to understand with a leader calling shots.

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