10 HUGE Differences

Between Romney and Obama (and Democrats and Republicans)

Difference 1: The Future of Planet Earth

President Obama and Democrats believe in Climate Change and want the EPA to regulate and reduce “greenhouse gases”. Romney and Republicans don’t.

Difference 2: The Role of Women in America

President Obama and Democrats are “Pro-Choice”, support “Roe v. Wade” and a woman’s right to choose and equal pay for women. Romney will do everything he can to end legal abortion in America, including the appointment of anti-choice Justices to The Supreme Court who will overturn “Roe v. Wade”

Difference 3: The Supreme Court

The next President will likely decide the direction of The Supreme Court for decades to come. Here’s why:

Democrats Moderate Republican “Tea Party” Republicans

Ruth Bader-Ginsberg (79) Anthony Kennedy (76) John Roberts (Chief)

Stephen Breyer (74) Antonin Scalia (76)

Sonia Sotomayor Clarence Thomas

Elena Kagan Joseph Alito

The current Court is slightly Right but if Romney is elected and Bader-Ginsberg or Breyer or Kennedy die or retire, Romney has said he would appoint a 5th very Conservative Justice and make The Supreme Court a solid “Tea Party” majority that will, very likely, overturn “Roe v. Wade”, make abortion illegal and stand against environmental regulation, gay rights, women’s rights and campaign finance reform.

Difference 4: Human Rights

President Obama and Democrats support equal rights for gays and same sex marriage. Romney and Republicans don’t.

Difference 5: Our Addiction to Oil, The Keystone Pipeline and Clean Energy

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and almost every Republican support

a) $4 Billion in annual taxpayer subsidies for oil companies and oppose almost every subsidy to develop clean, alternative energy like solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, micro-hydro and biomass
b) severe limits of $75 million for liability for oil spills like in the Gulf of Mexico,
c) drilling in environmentally sensitive areas of America
d) immediately building The Keystone Pipeline to bring “Tar Sands”, the thickest oil product, containing 3x the carbon emissions, down from Canada and across our nation into Nebraska and Louisiana.

President Obama and Democrats are against subsidies for oil companies, against any limits of liability for oil spills, against drilling in sensitive areas and against The Keystone Pipeline and tar sands oil and totally FOR developing clean, alternative American energy.

Difference 6: Jobs and The Economy

President Obama and Democrats believe in investing in clean energy and infrastructure, taxing corporations that outsource jobs and raising taxes on the wealthiest to stimulate the economy. Romney and Republicans focus on the national debt and believe that by reducing taxes on the wealthy “job creators” their wealth will trickle down. Even with historic low taxes under “The Bush Tax Cuts”, this has not happened in the past.

Difference 7: Money in Politics

Both Republicans and Democrats take money from corporations but only President Obama and Democrats want to change the system as they are against the unlimited money sanctioned by “Citizens United” and in favor of reducing or completely eliminating special interest money in politics.

Difference 8: Assault Rifles

President Obama and Democrats are against the sale of AK 47s, Uzis and other assault rifles. Romney and Republicans are in favor of their sale.

Difference 9: Taxes

President Obama and Democrats want those who make $250,000 or more and corporations to pay more in taxes. Governor Romney and most Republicans have signed a pledge to never raise taxes, no matter what, and want to further reduce taxes on the wealthy.

Difference 10: Mitch McConnell vs Harry Reid/

John Boehner vs. Nancy Pelosi

Every vote for a Republican candidate for Senate and The House is a vote for the Conservative Republican policies above and for Mitch McConnell to take over The United States Senate and to keep John Boehner as Speaker. Every vote for a Democrat candidate for Senate and The House is a vote for the Progressive Democratic policies above and for Harry Reid to remain Majority Leader and for Nancy Pelosi to return as speaker.

And, of course there’s also Immigration, the funding of PBS and Planned Parenthood, Regulation of Wall Street, Military Spending and so many others. See www.ChooseYOURAmerica.org for a fuller Issues Guide.

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