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3rd Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

according one of the Indo staff (one of artist's staff) of JaeJoong FM in Jakarta, @rizzuku (he’s male) :
- there was supposed to be presscon, but cancelled because of JJ condition
- 30 minutes before the FM, Cjes changed almost 70% of the rundown (maybe thats why the fm was late.
- JJ really didnt speak to everyone, including his manager and bodyguard. he used a phone text.
- before he went to the stage, he was standing near the stage with teary eyes and looked very pale. when his bodyguard asked him to sit, Jae refused coz he didnt want to get special treatment.
- during the fanvid, the reason why JJ didnt face the fans was because he was holding on, since he looked soooo pale. and the MC, Ichsan asked him to face the fans, but JJ refused bcoz he didnt want fans to see his face (of holding up the pain).
- There was a game supposed to happened, in which the winner could go to the backstage and take personal pic with JJ, but it was cancelled because of his condition
- it seems JJ always cleaned his hands before hi5-ed fans.
- one of the staff offered him wet tissues, but he refused. when one of Cjes staff offered him a hand cleansing liquid, dettol, from Korea, he read it first before he used it
- he told his staff to took off the label on the mineral water bottle in the Hi5 table
- rizzuku noticed that JJ once talked to his bodyguard, but it was something urgent and just that once he talked.
- during the photo session, JJ went to the backstage. it was because he was went to sit n rested for a while because he was so tired.
- rizzuku can see that when JJ went back and forth during photo session and hi5, JJ often sighing and his face looked very tired
- Cjes staffs were very strict. all pics during the FM (in which have JJ pics in it) taken by indo staff including the MC personal manager and even the photograher hired by promotour, were all deleted. Cjes staffs waited till they deleted it or told them they will took the memory cards. but at the end JJ gave code to them (the staffs and MCs) to took pic together with him.
- after they took pic together, JJ’s manager told him to hurry up and go, but JJ still bowed to them and said goodbye so his manager have to wait for him.
- after the FM, JJ was taken to his hotel immediately. and rizzuku said that JJ was brought to the ER last night (i think maybe he meant in Korea, not in Jakarta, as we know that it was confirmed by Cjes JJ was brought to the ER 2 days ago after NII FM).
- rizzuku impression about JJ : "he's really great and pro star..I'm a male,n I'm not jj fans yet b4,but now I'm gonna be his huge fans cuz he really teach me how to behave even he's a bigstar."

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