Good morning world - I'm aiming for 5,000 likes on my professional page on facebook and 1M Twitter followers today so that I'll be found on search pages forever as someone cancer survivors and amputees can seek for support.

If you are unaware, I am a nearly 15 year childhood bone cancer survivor with a backwards leg (Explanation: whose passion is and always will be walking alongside families with childhood cancer. @BTomorrowsHope was co-founded by my family and three others; no family should have to face childhood cancer alone.

I can't get more followers without you! You can help by RTing this post and following me, liking the page and sharing that with your friends! Could you take just one moment to help me heal lives?

Get it to trend #5000forcancerkids!

Thank you so much for your kindness! :) There will be no tangible prize given here if this happens. Just joy that we're making the world better - maybe the greatest prize we could have.


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