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2nd Nov 2012 from twtkr

[Video-to-text Transcript] Fans begging Jaejoong to release solo album!? LOL

■ Fancam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=f4aj7pjQGe0 (credit: miahdot@youtube)

■ Translation

JJ: Because my fans want to listen to my music...

Fans: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

JJ: No, but of course you can listen to it in the movie.

Fans: No! No! It's different! Please have your solo album out!

JJ: Ayyy *smiles coyly* Anyway, I'm working hard in preparation for it.

Fans: *shouts for joy*

JJ: Haha *waving hand* Because I'm also not sure about it, I can't say much about it...

Fan: Please release you solo album, you must T_T

JJ: Okay~?! ^^ *looking at the fan*

JJ: (Thanks to NII) I can always meet with you everyone, it's so good. Uh... thanks to NII, I also meet JYJ members more often and then talk much with them.. Such... *nods slightly* Thank you ^^

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