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2nd Nov 2012 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] 'From JYJ' video


JYJ: Hello, we are JYJ.
JJ to YC: Do you love (JJ didn't specify the object but he meant the viewers)?
YC: Yes, I do.
JJ to JS: And you?
JS: Of course, I do
JJ to JS: Who do you love then?
JS: I love you guys.
YC: Junsu, a few days ago, how many days was it? 3 days ago, you received an award. Congratulations.
JS: Thank you.
JJ: Did you know that you would receive it?
JS: I really did not know.
JJ: When you came on the stage, you made a fist.
JS: Because...I also didn't realize that until I watched the video later, I was surprised. It was kinda funny. *JJ and YC made a fist and imitated Junsu*. It was so surprising. I was nominated with so many outstanding actors so to be honest, I am already thankful that I was nominated.
JJ: The feeling was like "Let's have a fight", wasn't it?
JS: It's not like that. It was like...I also don't know why I made a fist.
YC: Ah, so because you were in the spotlight so you made a fist. (the word 'spotlight/attention' and 'fist' sound similar)
JJ: In the spotlight???
JS: Ah yes, I was in the spotlight so I made a fist.
JJ: Yoochun also...
JS: Drama, new drama 'I miss you'.
JJ: Fell in love with Yoon Eunhye.
JS: Yesterday, I saw the (??? sorry, I can't figure out what he was saying T__T)
YC: It's (???)
JS: Anyway, I saw that and it made me look forward to (the drama) so much. Your gaze keeps getting deeper and deeper through each photo. What's your secret?
YC: The photography, the lighting, the hair, the clothes, the make-up
JS: Wasn't there anything from you?
YC: Me...I only contribute my fingers
JS: He's being humble.
JJ: Right.
YC: I just did effortlessly and it became like that...
*JJ's shock face*
JS: (?????? Sorry, I can't hear what he said T__T)
YC: No, those words should be for Jaejoong hyung.
JJ: No, though I learn I still can't...
JS: The premiere day of Jaejoong hyung's 'Jackal is coming' is also very close.
YC: The premiere is on the 8th of this month, right? I am going to come.
JJ: Really? Thank you!
YC: Junsu, you won't come?
JJ: I will. Haha, suddenly I stammered.
YC: Will you really come?
JS: Of course, I will.
JJ: You keep *imitating Junsu*
JS: My member has a premiere so does it make any sense that I won't come? Of course, Jaejoong hyung didn't come to my musical but...
YC: I did. *Yoosu's high five* You know I came, right?
JJ: It was because of my filming schedule.
JS: It's okay, I understand.
YC: But I was filming too.
JS: He stopped his schedule to come.
JJ:....Because I was still a rookie. To be honest, YC is now at blockbuster-star level, he was already recognized so he can stop his schedule.
JS: hahahaha
YC: What the heck....
JJ: I am still a rookie so...
YC: Why are u like this? Arrest him now!!!
JJ: I really couldn't go.
JS: Anyway, I am really looking forward to it. Few days ago, I was driving by the Kangnam area.
YC: Then 2 male students on a bus saw Junsu and said "Penzal Q. Thank you"
JS: Ah yes, it did happen, 'Penzal Q'... It did happen like that. I also saw the teaser video of 'Jackal is coming' on a billboard.
YC: Oh, I didn't see it.
JS: It is very interesting. Seeing the teaser made me anticipate and feel happy. Woah~
YC: I will go there to see it for sure.
JS: Congratulations on our member's first official big-screen debut!!! I will introduce (Jackal) to my friend and take them to watch.
YC: What friends?
JS: Friends around me, my FCMEN soccer friends.
JJ: It is now his FCMEN, not our FCMEN, isn't it?
YC: That's right! (???)
JS: But you guys didn't come to play.
JJ: To be honest, our names were took advantage of, right?
YC: He used our names to promote for his own soccer team but he is the one who pockets all the rewards anyway.
JS: hahahaha
JJ: We are having an interview at the moment, aren't we...Aigoo
YC: He doesn't need us.
JJ: I know right! Everyone, we really love you.
JS: Yes, on a cold day, please wear NII clothes. When you have headache, please take PenzalQ and when you do your hair, please use Tony Moly.
YC: Exactly like that!
JS: Exactly!
*all three bursted into laughter*
JS: The ending! Ending! Jaejoong hyung...
JJ: Yes, first of all, Yoochun's 'I miss you' will be broadcasted soon so please look forward and give many support to it. Also, Junsu has an Europe tour left. He's been working really hard for a long while for the tour. To many of you who are waiting for his concert in Europe, he is going to show you an excellent concert so please look forward to it! Also, my movie is going to be premiered really soon so I hope many of you will come to watch it! In the future, we will show you a lot more good sides from us.
JS: So, J~
JJ: Y~
YC: I am the Y.
JJ: Ah, that's right!
JS: Let's start with hyung first.
JJ: Again! Start! J~
YC: Y~
JS: J!
JYJ: Thank you! Kim Jaejoong, fighting! Park Yoochun, fighting~~~
JS: Kim Junsu....

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