#kundalini-tips - #chakra-tips - The #energy channel along the spine generates warmth and life energy!

Meditation and energy work techniques can help to tune into, expand upon, and experience the energy(kundalini) that travels up the spine!

Common beginner sensations of kundalini are often facilitated through involuntary movement, or a gentle body rhythm and/or "nodding of the head". If this is natural to you, or happens during meditation, you might be interested in expanding into trance or entrainment for more exploration or fun. Kundalini yoga, reiki, breathing techniques, and qigong are all ways to explore kundalini.

Kundalini is powerful! See my link below for "exploring human potential" for some neat discoveries and videos surrounding meditation and qigong! :)

Trance tips:

By repeatedly focusing on and ultimately sustaining this natural rhythm in parallel to music, drumming, movement, etc, the mind can be quieted and deeper periods of meditation or trance can be initiated.

Connect with your spine and root #chakra by stretching the lower back and breathing along the spine! #kundaliniyoga #mamaearthluv

Exploring human potential - Through meditation, disciplined monks are able to dry and steam wet sheets in 40 degree weather!


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Reiki Classes are only $20/class at this time and are loaded with information and techniques surrounding meditation, energy, kundalini, the chakra system, intuitive development/esp, trance/rhythmic entrainment/, empath facilitation, and more!


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