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From CD&DL;Data Sept-Oct 2012. Self Liner Notes


Re: This is a good song. It's a straight up ballad. The kind of songs you'd find right in the middle of an album. We have these kind songs for our singles, not so much for albums, right?

A: Plus usually Ruki's the one who comes up with these kind of songs. But this is Uruha's. The other songs's tempo or the intensity of the sounds are quite solidly built. There is such gentleness in this song. Which I think was what Uruha wanted to express.


A: Even when I think about now- this song is too gloomy. It's wasn't because I composed this song alone and didn't see the whole picture of the album. I wished I could've made it more poppish.

Ru: The chorus for Yoin is really hard.

U: We used high notes for the top of the chorus. There's a pause and then the high notes just stands out.

A: The notes for this song all came out of my mouth. It was like - my head was all quite and peaceful.

Ru: But this song is not Aoi's kind of song at all.

Re: WHaaat? This song is the most Aoi-ish song ever!


Ru: An outro for [VEIN]. The idea was to express the transformation from [VIEN] = analogue sounds to [ARTERY] = digital sounds. Even tho its the last song on the CD, I din't want people to skip it. So I made it into a short SE lol. I really wanted that smooth transition to the next CD ah- but, you'd have to change CD1 to CD2 so I guess its not all that smooth...

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