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From CD&DL;Data Sept-Oct 2012. Self Liner Notes


Ru: It's the 1st song on VEIN but rather than thinking of VEIN in general, I thought of Ibitsu when I created this song. It's an song before Ibitsu. I din't want it to sound like the songs in ARTERY. I tried to avoid using electro sounds for this. This time, we have 2 CDs with intro and outro SE. I din't think much about it when I was composing them. But when they were complete, it was by chance that the SE could be used like this and somehow they're connected to each other.


A: We already had this song last year, around the time of [RTU]. We decided to use it for later but the song didn't surface until much later. Cos we wanted to use it as a main song, right?

K: But we didn't forget that song. Uruha was the one who suggests we use Ibitsu as the base theme song for VEIN. That was how it started.

Re: Actually,before that happened, Uruha kept on playing this song all the time in the dressing room lol. I guess its the subliminal effect.

「Kago no Sanagi」

K: Even tho this song gives off a floating kind of feel to it,honestly, everyone really gave their all to compose this. Rather than saying this is the song I made, this is everyone's song. Everyone put in a piece of themselves in this song.

A: In other words, Kai took the easy way to finish it. But it is the most Gazette-ish song in the album. Like the intro and all.

Ru: It's surprising how Kai's song turned out in the end. It's like a new wind has blown through, I'm excited to see what he comes out with next. I want more airy and floaty songs lol


U: I used synthesizer to compose this song so I played around and mixed the band's sound. I used a different approach to compose this song, with a totally different idea in mind. Rather than a heavy and rock song, I wanted to make a dance/club song.

K: It was during mixing, Uruha was tampering around with the synth and the drum sounds that I realised where he was heading with this song. I understood from his mixing that he wanted a club/dance song.

A: Ruki also took a different approach to singing this song.

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