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29th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

[KARA's Pajama Party Excerpt]
HR: from now on, KARA's Secret Pajama Party Start!

Toast for tomorrow's Showcase!

(when Break It being played)
SY: i don't want to see it!
SY: actually this was a good song

GY: 5 years passed in an instant. started from 4 members group there a lot of unbelievable things
HR: it's been 5 years (hara & jiyoung) for us but it's 6 years for onnie right
GY: isn't it's great that it's been 6 years?
Others: right right
HR: it's also been 2 years since debuting in Japan
NC: time flows really fast
GY: at that time we just memorizing japanese
SY: (to GY) at that time me and you try to make conversation
GY: making gags
SY: really made everything, memorized it, and practicing it with the teacher
GY: but when the MC told us to do something else "eum.." just smile
HR: the really incredible thing is we came out on a variety show without translator

HR: onnie, when do you want to get married?
GY: me? i don't expect to get married fast, not even 1% (of expectation)
SY: is it alright even when you (getting older and) getting less prettier?
GY: since i getting prettier it's alright (hug SY while the maknaes lol)
SY: but i kind believe it. because comparing now and gyuri's photo during elementary school there are no particular difference
NC: i thing onnie's beauty won't change
GY: then when i became 40, between us i will become the most baby face? just see later
HR: SY onnie will be aged the most
GY: at that time it can be different, the condition
HR: i'm curious. our looks on our 30s 40s
GY: i know what i will be doing -> Mister
SY: you need to exercise hard
NC: sing Mister on someone's wedding
HR: when we get married, let's perform mister! for each other
SY: do Mister with the current mister costume
NC: i don't know how much our stomach will get bigger at that time
GY: what should i do if i'm pregnant (at that time)?
HR: anyway, let's do it (sing congratulatory song for each other). KARA's song, anything

SY: however, it feels like we did good so far.
GY: we worked hard
SY: right. lots of works, tried, got stressed, however since we did good for long time, for now too we able to talk while laughing in front of lots of people

HR: we will start pandora activities soon
NC: it needs to get big
HR: it will get bit
NC: if we want for it to get big, we need to sleep soon
NC: need to sleep soon, prevent dark circle. female is about managing

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