Ben White · @benabyad

26th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

Yes. I *do* think Palestine will be free. Its liberation will emerge from the bloodshed and sweat of martyrs past and future, from the sumoud of the people, and the solidarity of those who cry 'Freedom!' in many languages. Palestine will be decolonized, homes will be built instead of destroyed, ruined places will live and breathe again - but this is not about trying to go back to a past that, naturally, can never be recovered. This is something new. Palestinians and Jews will rescue 'co-existence' from the colonial normalisers and restore it to its true meaning. And please. It's not a paradise, this vision. There will be love, death, marriage, divorce, dancing, mourning, fighting - boredom! As Mourid Barghouti once wrote: "The Palestinian has the amazing contradictions of life, because he is a living creature before being the son of the eight o'clock news." No, not heaven. But there will be something remarkable about the blossoming of equality where there was once ethnic cleansing and exclusion. People will still fight against exploitation of many kinds - but they'll be doing it while breathing freedom. !من حيفا إلى الخليل إن شاء الله

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