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25th Oct 2012 from Osfoora

[UFO TRANS] [fan] do you like chineunim (chicken just written differently)? ㅇㅅㅇ?
[yuri] chineunim... ㅋㅋ chineunim on a rainy day..our's hard forgetting it..are you living well

[fan] does caffeine work for you? it doesn't do anything for me at all.. it's amazing when people say drinking coffee wakes them up... 'ㅁ'
[yuri] but I can.. control my heartbeats with my own thoughts^^ I highly recommend self-caffeine effects

[fan] it might be because it's fall, but there are times I feel sad. Aren't there any fun things?
[yuri] at times like that, listen to Urban Zakapa's music that feels soft and warm.. and feel/embrace the fall

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