[Trans] Kim Jaejoong gives 5,000 roses in Thailand Fanmeeting, "memorable gift"

JYJ group member Kim Jaejoong had a great time with his Thai fans as part of the Asia Fanmeeting tour.

Several influential Thai media (like Daily News, MTV, Channel V) and more than 100 journalists attended the press conference on the 23rd, proving Kim Jaejoong's popularity in Thailand.

It's been awhile since Kim Jaejoong's visit in Thailand and the journalists have a lot of questions regarding his drama, movie, etc. "It's been awhile since I came here. I missed Thailand. Kim Junsu had his concert and Park Yoochun came for his fanmeeting. Even though I arrived very late, a lot of fans still welcomed me at the airport. Thank you very much.", he stated.

Following the press conference, he spent a great time with 5000 fans at the Royal Paragon Hall in Siam Paragon.

Kim Jaejoong opened the fanmeeting with a song from Dr Jin OST, Living Like a Dream then followed by a wide variety of programs such as talk and games. In answer to the MC's question, "I wanted to come to Thailand, I think I want to live in Thailand when I get old." He also said, "If you get married, please come to my concerts with your husband and children." His witty answers got hot reactions from fans.

Thai fans are also delighted with Kim Jaejoong's fan service. Wearing an apron, he gave out a detailed instruction on how to make kimbap and directly feed everyone on stage including the fans, MC, stage crew, and cameramen, displaying his kindness.

Kim Jaejoong's love for his fans did not end there. As a gift, he prepared 5,000 roses to be given out to each of the fans who participated in the fanmeeting which left a big impression among fans. He also took a photo with them. Many fans shed tears when the fanmeeting ended.

Kim Jaejoong said to this fans, "I am glad to have come to Thailand after such a long time. I'll love my fans forever."

Kim Jaejoong will have a fanmeeting next month in Indonesia (Nov 3) and Vietnam (Nov 10).

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121024n09579


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