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23rd Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

[FanAccount] 121023 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Thailand 2012

Venue: Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon
Organizer: 411 Entertainment
Time: 6.00 - 9.00 pm.

Let me start by saying that this has been one of the best days of my life and I was not exaggerating ^^ I arrived at the Siam Paragon around noon and saw a lot of fans were already frocking in groups in front of the venue. The official goods will be open for sale roughly that time, so people began queuing in lines. There were 4 fan booths set up at the venue - one from Maze, two others were from RockJJ and a fan group (whose name I can't remember) and the last one was from JYJBox. '

Excitement was in the air. Fans spent their afternoon there and took turns taking photos with Jaejoong's banners and standees. I saw a lot of ahjumma fans there and there was even a father who came with his daughters. Also spotted another Japanese fan wearing a full-on kimino. The sight made me really happy.

The fanmeeting started at 6 pm. I barely made it in the hall on time because the line was painfully longgg~ It felt a bit chaotic and more crowded than Yuchun's fanmeeting last month. The fanmeeting started a few minutes after I settled in my seat and 'Get out' followed by 'In Heaven' was played as BG music. Jaejoong came out singing "Living Like a Dream" wearing a sport blazer with gold zippers at the side pockets and a black necktie. We screamed our lungs out when he hit those high notes with such strong falsettos >_<

After the song ended, the MC came out. Jaejoong said "Sawasdee Krub" (Hello in Thai) and bowed his head. MC asked the fans if Jaejoong is cute, handsome and seems like a real-life prince - everyone shouted "yes!". Jaejoong went on to say that he hasn't seen us for a while and teased that we've gotten a year older. He said he's a year older as well, but he's trying his best to still look young LOL.

MC continued to praise him on his good looks and said that he's the most handsome man in Asia. Jaejoong jokingly said that he knows the MC probably had said the same thing when Junsu was here for his concert and Yuchun in his fanmeeting. He said he felt a bit lonely coming here alone and was worried whether a lot of fans would come to see him or not, but he was happy to see that so many have turned up ^^

They began sitting down for a talk session. The translator was sitting already close to Jaejoong and fans screamed with envy. Jaejoong shyly said that she had to sit close to him because it's hard to hear her over all the screaming LOL. Jaejoong said he likes Thai language. He thinks it sounds really pretty with nasal tones. MC teased him by saying he should get a Thai girlfriend, so he can listen to her speaking Thai all day and night and said "How do you feel about having 5,000 Thai girlfriends?" and gestured toward everyone in the hall. Jaejoong replied "Umm, I might have to start exercise harder..." LOL

They talked about his bang and the new bowl hair-cut. He said he cut his hair because he wanted to look younger. MC asked about the hobbies and what he does in his free time with Yuchun and Junsu. Jaejoong said they don't do anything particularly special. They just spent 3 hours having a meal because the conversation between JYJ members is always fun ^^ MC asked Jaejoong to tell us what the other two are up to these days. Jaejoong said Junsu is probably playing games and playing soccer... which is all he does. Yuchun's busy filming his new drama... eating and subsequently getting drunk XD MC went for another question about the next JYJ album we've been waiting for. Jaejoong said that it will be released around spring of next year. Yay!

Next up was Fan's Q&A time. Questions from fans were filmed before the fanmeeting started and the video clips were played on screen. Jaejoong answered 5 questions.

1st Question: Have you gotten a chance to ride on an elephant?
JJ: Nope, but I rode on a camel and a horse

2nd Question: Have you been missing us?
JJ: Yes, I was really jealous when I heard about Yuchun getting a chance to hold a fanmeeting in Thailand.

3rd Question: Will you come to see us more often?
JJ: I always wanted to come. I just didn't have that many chances

4th Question: Which super hero do you want to be?
JJ: Iron man... because he actually doesn't have any super power, but he uses gadgets to fly and fight bad guys

5th Question: Any supportive messages or advices you want to give to us fans?
JJ: Please staying in school, eat 3 nutritious meals, exercise, don't drink or smoke... (at this point, fans went "but even you yourself drink and smoke?!". Jaejoong was like... "uhh, well..." LOL) and please love me more!

The next activity on stage was charades. Five lucky fans were drawn and had to act out the words for Jaejoong to guess on stage. He was really good at guessing!, but when he couldn't get the word right even when it was an easy word - He kept blaming the fans that they were acting out the words all wrong LOL. The funny part was when the words "Junsu" came up on screen. Fans did an angel XIA pose and he guessed correctly right away. Another time was the word "Yuchun. Fan pulled her bang back and rubbed her forehead. At first, Jaejoong guessed the word "monk". She started gesturing that the forehead is wide and Jaejoong went "oh, Yuchun!" XD

After playing charades, Jaejoong got a quick break when a short clip with scenes from Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin was played. Jaejoong changed his cloth and came back out in another gray suit with black and white polka-dot shirt. He looked absolutely radiant! They kept on talking about his dramas. He said he's nothing like Kim KyungTak. He thinks Kyungtak sacrificed too much without thinking about himself. He said wearing clothes in historical drama like "Dr. Jin" was hard because the head gear was really tight and it cut off blood circulation to the brain. That's why he couldn't remember his lines! (Umm, accuse much? LOL). MC said he looked great even in those clothes.

Jaejoong went on to say that he doesn't think he's handsome. He just looks different from everyone else... and a bit strange. MC teased by saying "well, I guessed fans voted for you to be the strangest man in Asia" XD. They talked about his acting in "Protect the Boss". MC asked if he remembered anything about the first day of filming. Jaejoong said he didn't - he just remembered being super excited. MC said he's excited about this fanmeeting, too. He couldn't sleep until 4 am. last night and was still up, tweeting away. Jaejoong got really embarrassed about that. It was cute >_<

MC asked if he felt uncomfortable to play such perfect role - Cha Muwon was really rich and smart. Jaejoong told us the role was hard because he's not perfect. The MC teased by sulking and went silent... before mumbling "if he's not perfect, then I don't know who is anymore" XD. Jaejoong said Yuchun and Junsu didn't really praise him or said that his acting was bad in particular. Jaejoong thinks it's because Yuchun and Junsu wanted him to try pursue acting by himself and try harder ^^

Then a short clip of a cooking scene from Protect the Boss was played. The MC announced that the next activity will be Jaejoong cooking kimbap! Four lucky fans got to go up on stage and taste it. Jaejoong started prepping by taking off his jacket and put on a cream-colored apron with the word "Cookie" in the front. He looked unbelievably cute ^^ He made kimbap in such professional manner, chopping quickly with precision - explaining tips about cooking here and there. When the tasting began, he actually fed the lucky fans with his hand! >_< We all died of envy. Then, the MC teasingly complained about not getting a single piece of kimbap even when he's been talking for two hours straight, so Jaejoong started feeding MC, translator, lighting guys and cameraman!! The cameraman gave thumbs up and said it was delicious XD

We still had another game on stage with spinning wheels to pick the games. The first one was a staring contest. Jaejoong lost and got all teary-eyed from too much staring LOL. The second game was peeling plastic wrap off of sausages. Jaejoong looked like a pro and fans were really bad at it, so he pretended to peel it super slowly and faked defeat. It was really adorable >_< The last game was pushing game. Jaejoong actually won this one because the fan pretended to fall over LOL. Three lucky fans got to take polaroid pictures with him ^^

Then came the most touching moment of this fanmeeting - the fanvid that was made by 3rebelangels. The fanvid started with messages - greeting and congratulating him on getting over 1 million followers on twitter. Fans teased by saying we could also get a lot of followers by doing the same thing you do: taking weird selcas! Fans sent in selcas of themselves imitating Jaejoong. It was hilarious. Jaejoong was laughing uncontrollably the whole time. The vid, then, sequed into saying that numbers of followers didn't matter - what really matters is that we're one of your followers. The vid taught Jaejoong how to write "miss you" in Thai and showed numerous photos of fans holding the sign that said "I miss you". It was truly beautiful. After the video ended with a message telling him to turn around, he did and saw all of us holding an elephant-shaped paper with the words "Thai Fans Love Jaejoong" on them. Sounds of soft sobs and weeps were heard in the hall. The MC actually cried - he asked Jaejoong what he'd like to say anything the fanvid. Jaejoong replied "คิดถึง" (Miss you) in Thai. We all went "Awwww".

Jaejoong said he had a surprise for us as well. The staff started wheeling out 5 carts jam-packed with 5-thousand red roses. He said he would like to give these roses out to every fan in the hall... because they represent his heart. Even though he can't personally hand them all out, please take one home with you and keep it. It was such a touching moment. Jaejoong ended the fanmeeting with his beautiful rendition of "I'll protect You" and we all walked out of the hall in a daze.

Jaejoong was drop-dead gorgeous, playful, adorable. Yet, he remained one of the most humble artists as always. I'm happy to be a part of this fanmeeting. This will be another memory I'll never ever forget ^^

Credit: Lookkaew_SK

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