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23rd Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

[PART TRANS] Roughly from Chinese translation of Sora's interview on 23102012.
Chinese Translation: (section photo in next tweet)

"If I am alone, it will not be the same. As I am blood type A, I am an introvert therefore I do not express myself easily at first. As I do not take initiative (to greet people), many people think I am arrogant. I am not friendly by nature, but now I have changed my character a little."

It is the same when I was filming WGM with SJ Leeteuk. At first it was difficult to get close to each other, but he helped me and slowly I changed.

"Teuk oppa worked alot, but after filming he sent me messages, "are you tired?". He treated me well/with an open heart (not sure how to translate this), so I wanted to do something for him. In the beginning, Oppa spoke 85% of the time, I spoke about 5%, the remainder 10% of the time I am laughing, but in the later episodes it changed alot."

Sora became No.1 bride when she filmed WGM. She showed her charm (glamour) which received many male fans/support/fascination.

"I do not act (know how to pretend), I am a honest (frank) person, so when I date I put my boyfriend as number one. I love to praise him and make him smile (laugh). I do not use woman's aeyeo but rather have the feeling as an close/initimate friend. I like to be with my boyfriend doing things that he likes. Next time I marry, I feel that I will be a good wife (humorous saying of 'better half')" Sora laughed.

Kang Sora interview, 23Oct2012: Original Korean

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