Serious post: this will be a little long winded, but I wrote this to express how I feel every voting year about the candidates and every day about our government.

If you take away all of the press; news programs, newspapers, magazines, radio, Internet, billboards, yard signs and everything else for the past 29 years, I can't name a single issue that has actually affected me aside from gas prices going from under $.90 to over $5.00.

They talk foreign policy, wars, education, budget, deficit, weapons, social security, medicare, healthy insurance, and it's all bullshit.

Not a single debate has ended with one side saying "I get it now, you're right."

I've never gone to my bank and said "Holy shit, $500 is gone, I guess it's because we're in debt to China."

I've never been in school and said "man, there's 31 students in here, I'd learn so much more if there were only 27!"

Don't buy into the bullshit. The government is a business and at the end of the day it comes down to which President is going to tax (fuck) you and in which way, nobody every accomplishes anything different than the last.

They'll get you by state taxes, federal taxes, social security, health care, and however else they can and the money will go to financing government employee's lifestyles, it will go toward "fixing roads" also known as paying 11 guys to stand next to one guy using the jackhammer while the rest text message, it will go towards unnecessary wars, and it will go to other bullshit that is wasting your money, that you earned, at your expense, on things that have zero to do with you.

It's unfortunate that the "best" country in the world has the shittiest health care, the shittiest health rate for it's citizens, the shittiest education system, and the most corrupt government.

I buy my own health care, I take care of my own family, and I earn my own income. I will do whatever it takes when dealing with any government agencies, namely the IRS, to make sure that I have the upper hand, not them; if someone is going to get fucked, I will be on the giving end, not the receiving.

Our "democracy" has turned from true voting where people really have a say, to the government controlling what bill gets passed, which side wins, and each end result; we only think we have a voice.

So make sure you vote, or not, it really doesn't matter. It's like picking between the electric chair or lethal injection.

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