#Yikes "Things no longer remarkable among the daily outbursts at #Syria Comment" My 1800char rant just now.

Death tolls


Silent, absent President

Abhorrent hate speech

Stupefied state media

Baathist myths unchallenged.

Repetitive links to the non-curated crap at Liveleak, heavy on the death shots or gruesome corpses, explosions -- with smileys

Evasion of any discussion that might even creep close to the deluded Red Line of the Lion of Damascus, without which death and destruction, with him glory.


Like a poison spider at the middle of the web, the deluded imagine a splendid King, a Novo Ceaucescu, mythic saviour, genius of the Carpathians, Assad, who developped the same megalomaniac insanity as have so many tyrants before him. Without Him, nothing is possible.

May Assad live on among the great crazed Etat-c'est-moi of our direst history.

One day the guns will still, the hospitals will be de-militarized, the Syrian Air Force will not bomb, detainees will not be crippled by torture, summary executions will cease, the poor victims will be free to grieve, to assemble, to travel.

Meanwhile at the bullwark a zoo and trumpet pretending the dam will never fall, the dam will hold, the King will stay on the throne. The Soviet system will endure. The graves will be forgotten and discussion of them subject to official mutism and denial.

Thinking of Ceaucescu, of Pol Pot, of the self-killing and population cleansings and punishments of the 20th century. Of evil stalking the earth before it is caught and punished.

Meanwhile, the deluded close their eyes to human suffering and injustice, and ride along with autocracy in its final brutal spasms. To their shame.

Syria's monstrous regime absolved by moral blindness in the mad zoo of Assadism.

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