Answers to the 10 most frequently (and politely) asked Superior Spider-Man questions Post-NYCC...

1. Superior Spider-Man will come out twice a month. It will cost as much as current issues of ASM.

2. The first issue of Superior Spider-Man will be out in January.

3. From January on, this WILL be the Spider-Man in the Marvel U. The same Spider-Man who will be appearing in Avenging Spider-Man. And the same Spider-Man who will be appearing line-wide in other titles. (For example, the Spider-Man guest-starring in January's issue of DAREDEVIL.)

4. Scarlet Spider and Venom are STILL ongoing titles. Do they feature dark Spider-Man-like characters as well? Yes. Then why put out a book like Superior Spider-Man? Because Superior Spider-Man will be markedly different. How? Spoilers. You'll have to wait and see.

5. The READER will know Spider-Man's identity in Superior Spider-Man #1. It will not be kept secret.

6. It is someone you've seen before.

7. The pencilers on the book are (in alphabetical order): Guissepe Camuncoli, Humberto Ramos, and Ryan Stegman. They are all AWESOME!

8. The phrase I've used to describe the book is "dark and weird" NOT "grim and gritty." I've never said "grim and gritty." That's people on the internet paraphrasing me. (We've already released pages of art that show THE BIG WHEEL and THE LIVING BRAIN. How "grim and gritty" can a book with THE LIVING BRAIN really be?)

9. What's a good place to start? I'd recommend ASM #698, #699, and #700. We're pulling out ALL the stops on that arc and I really believe it's going to be something special. However, if you want to jump in at SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1, you will NOT be lost. BOTH ASM #698 and SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 are good jumping on points.

10. I'm really worried/nervous/angry about what's going to happen to Peter Parker... Why are you doing this? WHY?! If you're worried about the fate of Peter Parker-- that's a GOOD thing. That means you're REALLY invested in this character! And for a character that's been around for 50 years? That's great! But I honestly can't tell you a thing about what's coming up without spoiling the story. The story will have to speak for itself. Just wait.

All I can tell you is that everyone at Marvel who's heard what we're doing-- along with people at MTV GEEK and the upcoming Marvel MMO, who've gotten a peek behind the curtains ahead of time-- have been raving about it-- and think it's really gripping stuff. So please, please, please be patient, wait till January, and give it a fair shot, okay? Okay.

End of the day, we're out to tell the BEST possible stories we can. And we believe in this one.
Hope (once you've actually READ it) that you like it too!

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