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20th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

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Cry of help from inside #BaniWalid the main Hospital
Crimes againste huminity
Please trust us that the attached file is the
reality. I am inviting you to visit Bani-Walid to see the size of crime.
As you may heard that for more than 20 days
Bani-Walid City under siege,no food,fuel,medicine, electricity, communications.
In addition to this, the armed groups (Ganges) firing Bani-Walid with different types of weapons (even chemical gases). This battle results in many injured
people, damaged houses and many people have been killed (most of them are children, women). The question which raised her is: where are the world organizations(UN, EC, Arab league, HRW and so on). The UN should take the responsibility for such humane crimes. where is the internation crime court? where is the security council? where is the EC?
The attached file shows crimes against the humanity, please see it and help us by delivering such materials to the right organizations.
This is a link for a very important video, would you please see it.

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