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19th Oct 2012 from twtkr

[Trans] KHJ's talk after singing 'Let me be the one' at LDF FM. "This song is my most favorite among ss501 songs. I will sing shortly.
(after singing) I want to sing the old songs even if i am not that enough. (audience clapping) Your support encouraged me, made me think I can sing them. I was very surprised, when I sang 'Let me be the one', some ppl were crying. Seems you felt like me.'can I do(sing) this or that?' 'can I listen to the song again?' might have to keep them as the memory but you are really happy with and fond of, that made me think I can sing the songs freely. By this, I can encourage myself more. I thought a lot things during singing the song, like, good song wouldnt be unforgotten. Singing a song is expressing it, right? I couldn't do that because I was not brave enough to do. Since I am a singer KHJ who likes singing a song and performance, I am going to and ought to sing a song whatever you wanna listen to. So don't keep the songs deeply in your breast, feel free to ask me to sing them." (among his talking, songs=ss501 songs)

After watching this clip, KR HJ fans were crying and sad cuz they knew HJ hurt inside in 2010 by some of TS. Even he was told, never to sing ss501's songs and never to sell himself with ss501's name, but seems HJ's overcome with the traumatic memories.
He never complains how he feels. he just calmly tells 'now I can do cuz of your support' after he has gone through by himself.
So proud of KHJ and thankful to him, for staying with us without loosing himself.
KHJ, we will be on your side and support you.♥

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