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19th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

[ENG Trans] ELLE GIRL Nov.2012 Jungshin interview:
EG: Today you changed your hair style. You look good with short hair! Don't you feel regrettable? because you have kept long hair.
Jungshin: I had my hair this short after 5~6 years. My hair was really long till I started drama 'My daughter Seoyoung‘. My hair was down to collarbone, and I cut it when I started filming. It was as much as one year length. My hair was still long even after I cut, but I felt most regrettable at that moment.
Actually I was getting responses of 'I want you have your hair cut. You look stuffy'. I was talking to myself, "It's OK, I will cut soon." Finally I could cut my hair today. I feel happy. And I hope to hear, 'You look cool, You look good.'

EG: Don't you get hurt by those tiny comments or bad replies?
Jungshin: I‘m not a kind of person who is get hurt and worry by myself 'What should I do...'. I enjoy watching what people talk about me. Of course I can hear both good words and bad words. Those are all interest toward me. Being a prey for them is not bad. (laugh)

EG: Not long ago, Minhyuk and Jonghyun's drama ended successfully. You are succeeding them with acting, Don't you feel burdened?
Jungshin: Who feel burdened are major actors, staffs and writer. It's my first drama. I just hope I will not do harm to 'My daughter Seoyoung‘.
And I also hope, different from CNBLUE Lee Jungshin, I get familiar to any scene on TV. Of course I hope my acting skill gets better.

EG: Acting is the first challenge for you, what is different from music?
Jungshin: Jonghyun hyung once said at an interview that acting and playing music are the same, both are arts. So I asked him what is same. I can't find any similarity between them. Music is what I myself play the musical instruments. But acting is what I express the character, which can be different from myself.

EG: It seems you members monitor even the interviews.
Jungshin: After 'Gentlemen's dignity', Jonghyun hyung had many interview schedules. I read them all at fan sites. I thought, "I and he and CNBLUE have been growing a lot." Actually I and hyung(JH) face and talk each other everyday, but we never have such embarrassing conversation. But I could see his thought which may make him embarrassed. Although I thought "Why he said like this~" at some points, but I was happy I could learn his inner feeling.

EG: 'Yongwhwa's love toward Lee Jungshin' is famous to fans. You two always share room at hotel.
Jungshin: My real brother who is at military service now is same age as Yonghwa hyung, born in 1989. Maybe because of it, Yonghwa hyung and I have similar personality, way of talking. We match well in talking about clothes or girls.
We play tricks on each other, we two are very noisy. 'Today's target is Minhyuk', then we bother Minhyuk. Then Minhyuk bother me and Yonghwa hyung. I think Yonghwa hyung may feel more comfortable to me than Minhyuk. Ah I should have not said like this. Haha anyway, we match well.

EG: Then aren't you closer to him than to your real brother?
Jungshin: No, I am very much close to my real brother. So they are jealous to us. They say they've never seen a guy who kakao talk to his real brother. I think I am blessed. Actually I thought we could likve together till one of s ge married. But I am living separately from my debut, so we miss each other more, think more and care about more.

EG: I heard members feel most comfortable in your room.
Jungshin: Haha. I need one more bed at my room. When I come home after my schedule, one day Jonghyun hyung is sleeping at my bed, one day Yonghwa hyung is sleeping.

EG: I want to know how your room is.
Jungshin: Just ordinary room. Clothes hanger, desk, cosmetics, books, CDs, computer, bed, stand etc. The funny thing is, members say they feel warm in my room at winter, cool at summer,
When I was a kid, we had an expensive, thick blanket embroidered with golden fish and microfiber blankets. I couldn't sleep without it. Our member were fascinated by that microfiber blankets, so my mother changed(bought) Yonghwa and Jonghyun hyung's blankets. (laugh)

EG: These days the hot key words are 'Music of 90s‘, and 'Anypang'. This question first, who were your favorite singers at 90s?
Jungshin: Jo Seong Mo and Yoo Seung Joon. and when I was younger, it was Seo Taeji! If I listen to those songs, I remind my elementary school days playing computer games. I used to play games listening to music endlessly from Bugs Music. Now if I listen to those songs again, I can remind what game I played, what I thought.

EG How about 'Anypang'? Who is the best at it among you four?
Jungshin:All we four played it really hard. We sent hearts to each other. Private ranking is, Minhyuk is the top with 200,000 points. Yonghwa hyung and I are about 100,000 points. Jonghyun hyung is the poorest.
At first I wondered how people get 500,000 points, but I made it. With big screen tablet PC, Minhyuk played at the left side, I on the right side, we got 560,000 points and felt like a hero for a week. But we got bored soon.

EG: It seems Minhyuk is the best at playing games.
Jungshin: He is good at even a game he plays for the first time. He studied the manual book of Play Station Football Game and mastered all the strategy. People hardly read such manuals. When I looked into his room to see what he's doing in early morning, he was studying 'How to play Winning 11'. I thought 'He cannot but playing well'

EG: Do you have anything you can do specially better than others?
Jungshin: Actually no, I don't. I have no tiny thing which I could do well originally, but things I accomplished by exercising. If I choose one, I can make a mood of encouraging people. My close friends say that I give them confidence.

EG Your drama character 'Seongjae' is called idiot, but he has dream toward fashion. Did you have those days when you worry about your future?
Jungshin: When middle school, actually I didn't study, I liked to play more. My mother never told me to study, she always told me do what I want to do. That's my parents' rule of education. But when I entered highschool, I started to feel crisis. My friends one by one started to prepare college entrance. I felt frightened.
At that time, I felt for photo taking. My uncles in mother's side are all good at camera. When I was a kid, my other friends had just sloppy photos taken by their fathers. But I could get real professional photos taken by my uncles.
When I was at highschool, DSLR was about to be spreaded, I could use one. And I even took photos with my uncles' film cameras. At that time, I liked to take photos more than being taken.
I loved to listen to music a lot but I never thought I could be an entertainer. But one day I took audition, and while others practice 6 years for debut, I did it in short period with overnight practicing.

EG: How was your parents' response when you said you become an entertainer?
Jungshin: They like it. From before, watching TV, my mother used to say "Hew~ if anyone let us do that, we will do." I used to be a son who acted like a daughter to her, we used to sit on sofa side by side and chat about various things.

EG: You must be very popular at shool, have you ever been one-sided love?
Jungshin: Of course I have. But it didn't last long. Because I was young, I fell for and felt bored easily. I have dated girl friend some times at highschool, but after debut, I have no space. I feel bigger satisfaction with my work and I am quite busy to think about that. Of course I want to date though.

EG: If you date, what do you expect to your partner?
Jungshin: I hate immature person, such as who does luxurious shopping, who speaks low class words. And I hope my partner speaks less, so I myself can entertain her. Who listens to my story well, who is nice, a 'matured kid'. I don't think I am immature, but I hope she is more matured than me.

EG Recently when was the happiest moment and when was the hardest moment?
Jungshin: We are performing Japan tour now. After the concert, when we go out to greet to audience to the left end, right end, and main and center stage, I feel the happiest. I feel happy getting claps of audience from their heart. I also feel happy when I am praised about my good acting.
I don't have hard thing. I always think I am not good enough at anything yet. I know I am not good enough, I always try to work harder to make it.

EG: It's 1000th day since your debut. Do you have any plan of party after schedule?
Jungshin: Jonghyun and Yonghwa hyung are in Osaka Japan. Minhyuk and I came for short time for schedule. We have to spend today separately.
We already chatted noisily at group chatting room. We never said cheesy words like 'It's 1000th day hwaiting', they disregarded my new hair style so much... Minhyuk said it looked good with me, and hyungs say, "Anyway so so". After I laughed and talked loudly with them, I get energy. And I feel good with the celebration to my hair cut, I shoot photo with Elle Girl, (laugh)

Scan by @paris0915
Trans by saturn
Korean script

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