@brentbrookhouse and @Bloodyelbow do you believe in what you write? Or are you just that big of a hater? Roy put out a false PR, VADA's consultant Conte said on Twitter that Shane had been invited and that Shane had accepted. Roy told the media that Shane accepted and Tweeted it. When in fact no one from his camp had ever spoken to us about testing. Then some guy named Kogan that VADA claims to not know, sends the invite to members of MMA media (not sure why they excluded you but I can guess after your crack journalism from today). So the blog, the tweets and the PR are all from people consulting for VADA, sponsored by VADA or interns for VADA. Even VADA said they do not condone this behavior. We have BEEN RESPONDING too the media storm created by Roy's camp with their lies and false misrepresentations to the media. Did you even check with us to fact check your opinion? NOPE. Great job!!! A search of your "website" shows the negative bias you have shown towards Shane. Great Story Bro!

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