[Edited Trans #3] "Missing You" teaser (MBC web version)

Suyeon: Coming... Not coming... Coming... Not coming...
Jungwoo: I'm Han Jungwoo, 15 years old
Subtitles: 15 years old, heart-fluttering first love... Han Jungwoo.
Suyeon: Jungwoo, Han Jungwoo
Jungwoo: By chance, do you know Lee Suyeon?
Jungwoo: Why are you always being like this? If I pretend not to know you, then just leave by yourself!
Suyeon: I... It's not me... I don't lie to anyone
Subtitles: A love like hide-and-seek... Lee Suyeon
Suyeon: Crying... Not crying
Jungwoo: Found you. I will never ever pretend that I don't know you again. Lee Suyeon, Lee Suyeon, the daughter of a murderer, Lee Suyeon, let's be friends.
Subtitles: In November, a yearning love is coming to find you.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b51arRh7Bww

Translated by Sheena (@parksheena6004) with the help from maettugi via 疯狂的贫道

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