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17th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

BUZZROCK 2010.10.15
(6) Reita and potato chips from Ruki

Reita: But at that time I REALLY wanted to buy it (potato chips), it seemed like a hand will come out from my throat! I couldn't buy it.
Ruki: But you... For a while it seemed like you didn't eat that potato chips.
Reita: Then it was noticed by the people at the office, I put it in between the chairs.
Gaze: *laughs!!*
Reita: And the potato chips fell under the chair.
Uruha: You should have taken care of it!
Reita: Ruki said it to me as well, "You take care of it, it's food. Bring it with you!"
Gaze: *laughs*
Reita: Even now, I have been using it as a pillow!
Gaze: *laughs!!!*

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