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17th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

BUZZROCK 2010.10.15
(5) Reita and his birthday presents

Reita: A really long time ago, members would give birthday presents to me. From Aoi-san..
Kai: Did we?
Reita: What was it? I have never received any from YOU though.
Kai: I didn't (give anything), right? *laughs*
Reita: So Aoi-san. He sort of dug into my pocket and put something in it, saying, "Why aren't you smoking?"
Aoi: I don't remember it~
Reita: I looked at that (Aoi digging into his pocket), and thought, "Uwah! Disgusting!"
Gaze: *laughs!!*
Reita: So he bought me tobacco.. Then Ruki, cola and potato chips.
Gaze: *laughs!!*
Aoi: Are you a kid!
Ruki: You, from what time is this story?
Reita: Well, like 10 years ago. *laughs*

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