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BUZZROCK 2010.10.15
(4) Reita VS. Ruki and Jealousy over Kai's birthday

Fan Question: Everyone, do you have a birthday memory like this? Just before my birthday, I received a "Pin Pon Dashu"** for the first time in my life! -- That was from a 21 y.o. girl.
Ruki: For a 21 y.o., receiving "Pin Pon Dashu" is miserable.
Gaze: *laughs*
Uruha: It's pitiful.
Ruki: Pitiful.
DJ: But isn't it fun? "Pin Pon Dashu".
Ruki: Hmm. But you guys have it quite a lot (birthday celebrations), right.
Reita: Are you stupid? We are the least to have it!
Ruki: Ha?! We do have!
Reita: We don't!
DJ: Please get along well!
Reita: Nono, we can't!
Aoi: There's only Kai-kun's (birthday celebration).
Reita: Yes, Kai-kun has the most! Like now, during the autumn tour.
Kai: Is that so? But it's not really...
Aoi: But even during that time, there will be all the present boxes! That is lucky.
Gaze: *laughs!!*
Aoi: Ah sorry, I said it!
Uruha: After the live ended, he'd cling to the present boxes!
Gaze: *laughs!!*
Kai: *laughs!!*
Ruki: The box is deep, right?
Reita: It's amazing.
Kai: Are you attracted by them?
Aoi: Noo.
Kai: *laughs*

** Pin Pon Dashu (English: Knock, Knock, Ginger) =,_Knock,_Ginger

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