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17th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

BUZZROCK 2010.10.15
(2) Uru being all mysterious

DJ: If you go around for tours, there are various peculiar events, eh?
Uruha: Whether it's peculiar or not, I don't think I can say it.
Gaze: *laughs!!*
Kai: Even though you can't say it!
DJ: Even to the on-air listeners?
Uruha: I can't say it.
DJ: Is it that bad?
Uruha: Really can't say it. But certainly there was a disappointing experience.
DJ: Eeh?! What is it?
Uruha: I said I can't say it!
Gaze: *laughs!!*
DJ: Is it a personal disappointing experience?
Uruha: Yes.
DJ: When you go around Osaka or..
Uruha: Yesterday too. Naturally there was a disappointing event with Reita-kun. I can't say it though.
Reita: Aah, me and Uruha-kun experienced some sort of rendezvous...
Gaze: *laughs!!*
Uruha: You..
Ruki: That's not even peculiar.
DJ: Well, that must have been bad, since you have image and all.
Uruha: Hmm.

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