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17th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

BUZZROCK 2010.10.15
(1) Reita VS. Kai

Fan Question: It (the band) has been 10 years! According to each member, are there sides of the members that have changed?
Ruki: Kai-kun...
Uruha: Ah, his hand-drumming.
DJ: Hand-drumming?
Ruki: Ah, it's something he just can't help.
DJ: Is it something like air-drumming?
Aoi: Would you try doing it for a bit?
Kai: Eh? *claps hands on thighs*
Gaze: Aaaaah! It's enough, it's enough! *laughs!!*
DJ: *laughs*
Kai: You just suddenly interfered!
Ruki: That was even before he hit it! *laughs*
Kai: *sounds annoyed* Reita is PARTICULARY NOISY.
DJ: Is it like that between the rhythm section?
Kai: (He's like) Kai-kun, Kai-kun, Kai-kun!
Reita: When I realize it, it'll be all pachi pachi pachi sounds (clapping sounds).
Kai: *laughs*
DJ: You do it consciously, right Leader?
Reita: It's unconsciously.
Kai: When I can't do it even if I want to, I will tremble.
DJ: But you do practices and stuff, right?
Kai: Well now we do, when we have time.
Reita: *in small voice* It's more like his rule.
Kai: Oooi! I don't do it like that! *laughs!!*

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