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16th Oct 2012 from Twitlonger

I: It's being asked by everyone from the world, in an interview, Ruki (Ruki:sniff) said he wants to do live in Europe again. They asked how is Asia? How about Brazil?

Ruki: Somehow... There were thoughts on that, but it's my personal feeling, *sniff* but not easy to do it.

I: That means the probability is almost.. none and very low?

Ruki: It's not like that, and it's not only me.

Kai: hehehe

Uruha: hn hn hn hn XD

Ruki: I just said it without controlling myself. *sniff*

Uruha: So you just simply saying it?

Ruki: I want to go Hawaii.

I: You want to go there for vacation? Wait no, live?

Ruki: Live live. America too, Europe too *sniff* Even though we can't do it but we wanted to.

I: Everyone.. It's their feelings and thoughts ne.

Uruha: Yeah, our feelings.

Aoi: The feeling is there, yeah it's there

Ruki: sniff

Aoi: but it's only for tonight.

Kai: hahahaa lolol

Reita: What what?!

I: What does that means?

Aoi: Wait wait no no. Totally different.

I: Please do answer it seriously. It's a question from the world.

Aoi: Sorry sorry I didn't mean to say that. I just wanted to make a good comment.

I: It's their feelings, please do give them hope.

Kai: Yes yes.

Uruha: Thanks everyone from the world.

I: Let's go domestic. A comment from Tasurabu, I will enjoy this live at Kobe. It's been 10 years! Does member think that they had changed?

Ruki: Kai-kun...

Kai: Ahh..

Ruki: How to say this..

Kai: Hand drum?

I: Something like air drum?

Everyone: *mumbles* Eh eh → *laughs*

Reita: shut up XD

I: Isn't it like a talk of rhythm?

Ruki: Kai-kun.. Kai-kun.. Kai-kun..

Reita: If realized it's like pachi pachi pachi

Kai: hehehe

Aoi: pachi pachi pachi

Kai: hehehe

Reita: It's involuntary. Even you don't want to do it, you'll still do it.

I: You have personal practice right?

Kai: Even now, I don't really have time for it.

I: Rila from Kyoto, she asked, why Aoi and Reita never splashed water?

Aoi: That? that? I did throw bottles.. Water will wet boobs.

Kai: *laugh till no voice*

Aoi: Since it's a serious time..

Reita: I did explained on other radio. When I put water in mouth, and walked front, water will go inside throat. And water moves around in mouth

Everyone: HAHAHAHA

Ruki: What?

Reita: Then I stopped.

I: It's interesting.

Ruki: It went into my nose before.

I: Therefore you never did it?

Reita: Nope.

Ruki: sniff

Reita: Nope.

Ruki: sniff

I: From Nagamira of Osaka, During the times not in live, where do you feel happiness?

Reita: Isn't it not like here?

Aoi: What what?



Aoi: You go back. Go back.

I: Moe from Hitagata, Kai-san, a little too early till your birthday but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kai: Thanks!

I: I'll be 18 on that day!

Aoi, Kai, everyone: Congrates!

I: Aime from Chiba, do you have any birthday you remember the most? I feel so excited with my first birthday celebration. from 21yo girl.

Ruki: Feels like that only at 20.. kinda pityful.

Uruha: Pitiful..

Ruki: Pitiful..

Reita: Kai-kun is the best right.. In live..

Aoi: THat time there were lots of presents.

Reita: I got so shocked after live.

Reita: I rarely do anything on my birthday. Once long time ago, member gave me present. Aoi...somehow he put something inside my pocket, some what tabaco (used). It's really irritating.

Everyone: lol

Reita: Ruki.. He treated me cola and potato chips.

Aoi: Like a kid.

Everyone: lol

Aoi: what? when was this?

Reita: It's something like 10 years ago.

Reita: He gave me chips and said Happy Birthday! But I felt very happy. Even though it feels desparate.

Ruki: I only have potato chips.

Reita: thinking back, those potato chips looks kept long.

Everyone: hahaha

I: How about Uruha?

Uruha: I don't really receive birthday wishes. Like.. no.

Reita: Just like receiving mails?

Ruki: For me it's like.. *sniff*

Kai: There sure will be mail from Reita.

I: There are so many feelings in this 10 years right?

Reita: It's kinda irritating. Why are you're always the first?

I: The image of the GazettE.. Love between members XD

Reita: At 1159, I'd finished typing the mail and put my finger at 'send' button.

Reita: I like everyone in the band.

I: The reaction between the small Ruki and Reita..

Everyone: HAHAHAHA

Ruki: What is all this?

Everyone: HAHAHAHA

Ruki: Wait nono.

Kai: Irritating XD

I: It's a good thing right?

Aoi: Right.

Ruki: cough

I: The last live in Kansai tomorrow at Kobe and tour final 3/10 at Saitama Super Arena, 11th anniversary.

Ruki: sniff sniff

I: Then it's time to choose a song to play. This number 11.

Ruki: ummm ummm ummm... ummm? number 11..

I: there are many songs in english. Please do introduce this song.

Ruki: Yeah. This from the GazettE. Rikuaiereddo Maruquiedfanshion *long sniff*

*song plays*

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